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Jorge Branco

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Meet Jorge

Not everyone comes to Monmouth University with a specific plan for their future – many students enter college without a clear vision of what they are going to do or what kind of person they will be as an adult. It took time for Jorge Branco ’13 to figure out what he wanted to do.

After a challenging academic program and a life-changing experience abroad culminated in a psychology degree, Jorge was able to forge his own path, creating the World Travelers Association.

The World Traveler’s Association was born out of Monmouth University’s global experience program, which sends students abroad to take part in service projects and community building in unfamiliar locales. The Association takes a similar tack, combining community service with global travel, providing adventurers with a low cost way to see the world in exchange for work in communities.


Roselle Park, NJ

Faculty Member Influence

“Corey Inzana, an administrator in Residential Life, and Dr. Gary Lewandowski synergistically influenced my Monmouth experience by guiding me through the developing phases of my college years. Their inspiration helped me to reach my fullest potential and to find my purpose in life.

“Corey is an incredible individual who never gave up on me, even when I was a punk freshman, and helped me to become a spiritual success. His life-changing trip volunteering in Guatemala has influenced my life's work, and I am proud to be his poster-child success story.

“Dr. Lewandowski is not only a great educator and a mentor, but he is someone I'm honored to call a brother for life. He was close by my side through my crucial points at Monmouth, always with a smile and helping hand. Since then, he has helped me by being my right hand man, helping me chase my dream of picking my little piece of the world, and improving it.”

How Monmouth helped me achieve my goals

“Monmouth sculpted me by chipping away at my rough and jagged edges. My experience revealed my passions and the future goals I desired to accomplish.

“Through the University’s various opportunities, I was able to self-actualize and now pay it forward to others. Monmouth University, specifically it's Psychology Department, used unique teaching methods that led me to travel for a purpose and helped me to develop the vision for the World Travelers Association.

“This platform is designed to help travelers self-expand and discover themselves through adventure, while impacting others' lives with service projects and community involvement. The theme of ‘adventure a travel for a cause’ was molded with the help of Monmouth and everything it offers.”

Why I'm proud of Monmouth

“I am proud of Monmouth University because they have been an influencing factor in my growth and development into a man. I am who I am today because of Monmouth. The people, the opportunities, the educators who believed in me, all helped me to believe in myself.

“Even to this day as an alumnus, allowing me the privilege of inspiring others through this testimony is in itself an example of Monmouth continuing to offer everything it has for its students.”

My favorite Monmouth memory

“My favorite memories as an undergrad were all the traveling options like studying abroad in London, and the global experience trip to Guatemala. I love telling my Monmouth story because the tag line ‘Where Leaders Look Forward’ proved true: I entered as an immature boy who needed to be guided to reach his full potential, and I left as a leader looking forward to an epic life of adventures and giving back to people in this beautiful world.”

A photo of Jorge Branco

Degree Program

B.A. Psychology

Class Year



Roselle Park, NJ

Favorite Activity

Global experience program, study abroad