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Faces Of Monmouth

Faces Of Monmouth

Gary Lewandowski

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Meet Gary

Call him Monmouth University’s own Dr. Love. Since coming to campus in 2002, Gary Lewandowski has become a public face for the University—but not just for his nationally recognized work in the classroom. Lewandowski is also a prolific researcher and writer—and at times a media personality, too—on an eye-catching subject: the science behind intimate relationships.

Lewandowski is a professor of psychology, and his primary research focuses on self and intimate relationships. Much of that research takes place in the Relationship Science Laboratory where “Dr. L” works closely with his group of undergraduate research assistants.

Lewandowski has published more than 30 journal articles, over 15 book chapters, received 12 grants, and given more than 90 conference presentations. But his academic achievements haven’t happened in a vacuum—the vast majority of his endeavors involve undergraduate students as coauthors, research assistants, or research participants. His other research interests focus on improving the pedagogy of teaching research methods and statistics.

Lewandowski’s research and relationship expertise has been featured in a number of media outlets including: The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, Woman’s World, Marie Claire, WebMD, Women’s Health, Self Magazine, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Scientific American Mind, and USA Today.

The Princeton Review recognized Lewandowski among its Best 300 Professors from an initial list of 42,000 in 2012. He has also received recognition from the New Jersey Psychology Association and was inducted into the Society for Experimental Social Psychologists. Lewandowski has won Distinguished Teaching Awards at Stony Brook University and at Monmouth, and his Intimate Relationships course was featured in a USA Today article.

In addition to Intimate Relationships, Lewandowski has taught Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, Statistics, Experimental Methods, Self & Identity, and Senior Thesis.

How Monmouth helped me achieve my goals

The undergraduate students in Lewandowski’s courses and in the Relationship Science Lab are given the opportunity to become direct participants in his research, allowing them to register valuable experience before proceeding into their careers or to graduate school.

“Most of my research involves undergraduate students as research assistants or coauthors,” Lewandowski said. “Students in my Relationship Science Lab have had the opportunity to obtain grants, present at conferences, and publish articles on topics such as attraction, pick-up lines, love, cheating/infidelity, coping with break-up, and the influence of stress on relationships."

“In total, students and I have coauthored nearly 40 conference presentations, more than a half dozen magazine and blog articles, and 15 journal articles and academic chapters. Most importantly, these projects have enabled students to attend a variety of quality doctoral programs in psychology and start promising careers in numerous fields.”

Why I'm proud of Monmouth

“I’m proud of the transformative opportunities we provide our students in the Department of Psychology. Through our unparalleled research training, abundance of internship placements, as well as the ability to conduct and present their theses at conferences, our students are well-prepared for a successful and fulfilling life after Monmouth.”

My favorite Monmouth memory

“My favorite memory isn’t a singular event—rather, my favorite memories are the graduations over the years. Though the day itself is bittersweet, having the chance to see students who I have gotten to know over the past four years walk across the stage, ready to start the next phase of their life, is truly memorable.”

Lewandowski has watched his students’ hands-on opportunities in the classroom and lab pay off as their next phase begins.

“What makes it truly remarkable is seeing our psychology students head off in so many different directions, whether it is working for Viacom, L’Oreal, or HBO, attending Yale, Oxford, NYU, Boston College, Michigan State, or Columbia for doctoral or master’s program, or using their psychology degree to become a doctor, dentist, or lawyer."

“To think that we as faculty have the opportunity to accompany students during their journey is awe-inspiring.”

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Professor of Psychology



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Director, Monmouth University Relationship Science Lab