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Faces Of Monmouth

Faces Of Monmouth

Deborah Mannix

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Meet Deborah

Deborah Mannix's enthusiasm for Monmouth University is undeniable. After all, it was MU—and one class in particular—that got her started toward a successful career in finance.

"It was here at Monmouth that I took an investment class my senior year, and it was taught by a vice president at Merrill Lynch. That's where I really got my passion for investing. Currently, I work as a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley, and I do exactly what I dreamed of when I graduated 30 years ago."

It was also this class that sparked her interest in stocks and her desire to do what she is doing now.

"At the time [of the class], Eastman Kodak was a big stock, and [our professor] had us tracking it. We saw the stock move up 15 points over the course of the semester, and that was pretty exciting. And he had us pick out stocks that we liked, and we saw this ability to make money. I'm a numbers girl, I've always been a numbers girl, and I just loved it. It was like driving a racecar."

Today, Deborah is steering MU business students toward their goals. She frequently gives back to the University by providing students with the tools and motivation to network, get an interview, and land the job they want.

"I think Monmouth University is a great opportunity for students to come in as freshmen and just expand their horizons, both intellectually and socially. Not only do they learn the skills required by a finance class or accounting class, but they also take away all the interactions with students. And those interactions will help them successfully navigate in the business world and in their careers going forward."


Spring Lake, NJ

Faculty Member Influence

Will Hill in Career Development was an integral part. Will Hill got me my first job; he got me my second job; and when I went to change careers—I was initially in insurance and decided to go into investment banking—Will Hill was the one who, 15 years after I graduated, helped me rewrite my resume, get out there, and land the career I really wanted to have.

Why I'm proud of Monmouth

The business school is exceptional. We have a great Financial Markets Lab for the students. …I had a chalkboard when I got excited about stocks; imagine if I could've sat at a trading terminal! I'm also proud of how much the alumni and Business Council support students and how we try to open doors for them.

My favorite Monmouth memory

To look back at my favorite experiences at Monmouth, there's not really one moment or one event that stands out. When I think about Monmouth, it's more about feeling. It's just this warmth and acceptance and pride and being part of something that's bigger than myself that really stands out. And even to this day, I'm very involved in the University, I'm here a lot, and I love it. It's like family, and it always has been.

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