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Faces Of Monmouth

Faces Of Monmouth

David Stout

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Meet David

My name is David Stout and I'm a proud graduate of Monmouth's Master's program in Psychological Counseling. I attended Monmouth University from 1996-1998 at a time when the program was in its infancy. I was passionate about helping people. Through this program, truly inspirational professors helped transform this passion into the tools I needed for my career.

My early counseling experience included counseling children and adolescents with conduct, impulse control, and adjustment disorders. Later, I spent seven years counseling adults with anxiety, depression, dissociative disorders, and cognitive impairments at Brookdale Community College. I then joined Brookdale's Psychology Department where I taught a wide range or psychology and applied human services classes. As chair of the Psychology Department from 2006-2013, I had the privilege of hiring many very well-prepared Monmouth Counseling alumni as adjunct faculty members.

This program prepared me exceptionally well for my career as a counselor and professor. It also provided me with the foundation to earn a Ph.D. in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, to serve as the current Dean of Brookdale's Freehold Campus, and to serve as a Freeholder appointed member of the Monmouth County Mental Health Board. Today, I am honored to teach alongside my mentors in the Mental Health Master's program at Monmouth University. It is a source of great pride to be affiliated with such an outstanding program!

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M.S. Mental Health Counseling