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Student Scholarship Week

Monmouth University’s 6th annual Student Scholarship Week: Celebrating the Research, Creative, and Service Accomplishments of MU Students will take place virtually April 19-23, 2021. Student Scholarship Week is a weeklong conference that showcases and celebrates students’ academic work inside and outside of the classroom, as well as highlights faculty-student collaboration, across the University. This includes highlighting students’ scholarly contributions in research, writing, service learning, clinical experiences (i.e. study abroad, internships), musical and theater productions, art exhibits, student development and leadership, student clubs, etc.

This year, Student Scholarship Week will be held virtually for the safety of our students and staff. Each day of the week will feature one theme with a variety of student projects showcased through a mix of live Zoom sessions and asynchronous posters and videos.

Please visit the website for a list of the daily live sessions and to view the students’ posters and videos.

Social Work Career Day

Hosted by the School of Social Work

Zoom Link:


Beatris “Betty” Drace, MSW, LSW | 11:30 a.m.–12 p.m.
Drace is a Supervising Training Technician of Practice for the Department of Children and Families and will be discussing her experience working within the Child Welfare system.

Annmarie DeRosa, LSW | 12:05-12:35 p.m.
DeRosa is a Social Worker at Collier Group Home and will be discussing her work with youth and trauma.

Christina Tello, MSW | 12:40–1:10 p.m.
Tello is a Social Worker at the Affordable Housing Alliance and will be discussing both her mezzo and macro work with the housing and financial industry.

Garyn Nathan, LCSW | 1:15–1:45 p.m.
Nathan is the Assistant Superintendent at NJDOC and will be discussing his work within the criminal justice system.

Malia Segal, MSW, LCSW | 1:50–2:20 p.m.
Segal is a registered play therapist and will explore how this certification impacts her work with children and families.

Born of Rage: Art as an Agent for Social Change (Presented by Faculty Lecturer Ralph Cuseglio, DSW)

All Monmouth BSW and MSW alumni are cordially invited to our 8th Annual Alumni Lecture!

This year’s event topic is works of art that are inspired by observed inequality, human rights violations, and discrimination and how art can serve as a call to action to bring about societal change. Ralph Cuseglio, DSW, will deliver a lecture exploring the role of rage as an impetus for creative expression and the formation of art.

Reproductive Justice 2019: Perils and Prospects

The personal is the political has been a part of the American vocabulary since at least the 1960s. Initially this argument was a source of identity and politics-making in the male public arena, not the female domestic space. Recently, this personal has been targeted in both Western Europe and North America where varying nationalist resurgences have resulted in anti-choice legislation. In response, some American states have passed reproductive-specific protections through legislative acts of their own. Against the backdrop of culture war, what does this renewed attention to female agency and their bodies say about our broken, polarized present? What prospects lay ahead for women? And more importantly, what perils?

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Opening Remarks

Dr. Nancy Mezey – Dean of the Honors School


Dr. Rekha Datta – Interim Provost

Host and Organizer

Dr. L. Benjamin Rolsky


Anne C. Deepak – Associate Professor of Social Work

Sasha N. Canan – Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education

Lazara G. Paz-Gonzalez – Adjunct Professor of Nursing and Health Studies

Sponsored By:

The Provost’s Office, The School of Humanities & Social Science and the Department of History & Anthropology in conjunction with the Program in Gender and Intersectionality Studies, The University Library, The Leon Hess Business School, The School of Education, The School of Social Work, and The Honors School.