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Disability Services

Meet Our Staff

Skip Carey, MA, LPC

Director of Disability Services for Students (DDS)

He assists students with ADHD, post-concussive syndrome, and military veteran students with self-advocacy and how to utilize academic accommodations and other support services, and coordinates all housing and parking accommodation requests. Skip also represents DDS students and staff on numerous University committees, and responds to questions regarding ADA/504 requirements and compliance issues in conjunction with the Director of the Office of Equity and Diversity.

Carolyn Chirichello, M.S.

Assistant Director and Learning Disability Specialist

Carolyn acts as a liaison between students, professors, and administrators, and assists students with a wide variety of disabilities, including learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and traumatic brain injuries. In addition, Carolyn also assists students with the development of self-advocacy and effective study and time management skills, and works with resident students who may need meal plan accommodations.

Erin Behn, MSW, SAC

Disability Specialist and DDS Test Center Coordinator

Erin assists students with physical, psychological/psychiatric, vision, hearing and medical disabilities.  Erin acts as a liaison between students, professors, administrators and staff. Erin also provides assistance with issues regarding self-advocacy, refers students to campus support services, and assists students with the use of assistive technology.

Alexis Appezzato, M.S.Ed., LAC, SAC

Disability Specialist and DDS Test Center Co-Coordinator

Alexis assists students with a variety of disabilities including ADHD, physical disabilities, psychological/psychiatric, medical disabilities and many others. Alexis also acts as the liaison between the Athletics Department and student-athletes who identify with a disability and works with students who require housing accommodations. In addition, Alexis assists students with the use of assistive technology and with issues regarding self-advocacy, time-management, and transitional/adjustment issues.