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Disability Services

Disabilities Specialist Services

Monmouth University offers a continuum of specialized assistance to students with disabilities. This assistance is designed to help students identify and understand their learning disabilities, practice appropriate learning and study strategies, find and utilize available campus services and resources, and develop the confidence and communication skills necessary for self-advocacy. The continuum of services can be seen as ranging from direct instruction to consultation. It is the goal of the services to move students along this continuum. A freshman would likely use more of the direct instruction services, while a senior would use the consultation services. However, a student may be using a variety of services across the continuum at any one time.

To help conceptualize the succession of services, the following examples are presented:

Individual or Small Group Instruction – Direct instruction can take the form of individual or small group meetings. During the course of a semester, students may need to meet with the disabilities specialist on an individual basis. These instructional meetings frequently focus on the areas of learning style, accommodations, and self-advocacy. In some cases, several students will share similar concerns. In such a situation, a small group instructional meeting will be arranged. The group setting provides for a variety of experiences to be included in the instructional process.

Referral Source – Toward the consultation end of the continuum, the Disabilities Specialist acts as a referral source. The specialist can assist students in locating other professional services on campus or in the surrounding community.