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Disability Services

Academic Planning and Registration Assistance

The DDS offers specialized pre-advising assistance and planning that is focused on the needs of students with disabilities. The pre-advising sessions assist incoming freshmen in planning a tentative schedule that attempts to accentuate their strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses.

For example, each student is challenged to examine closely the details of each course he/she is considering, including time of day, amount of reading, teaching style of the instructor, level of preparedness for the course content, and method of evaluation used in the course. Students are also asked to examine closely how selected courses fit together, and the impact this will have on their overall schedule, work load, and credit load each semester.

Students are urged to meet with academic advisors as soon as possible so that they can register on the earliest possible registration date. Doing so will enable students to secure a schedule that best accommodates their learning needs.