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Disability Services

Note Taking Services

The note taking service is an accommodation afforded to students with disabilities when determined as an appropriate adjustment to the classroom lecture. A student with a disability may utilize a note taker for various reasons such as:

  • difficulty remaining focused on the lecture
  • difficulty in determining main points of lectures
  • difficulty copying from the board
  • missing information due to hearing impairment and/or sign language interpreter

Generally, there are two ways to facilitate the request for note taker services.

Independent Mode: The student in need of notes may observe or know of a student who takes good notes and may ask that person if he/she wishes to become a volunteer note taker. A volunteer note taker will complete the volunteer form and return it to the student making the request. It is the student’s (not the volunteer’s) responsibility to return this form to the Department of Disability Services. This will allow the volunteer to use the office copy machine or to obtain two-part NCR paper for immediate copies. If a volunteer note taker is not identified, the student may ask the professor for assistance.

Professor Assistance Mode: This can be handled by submitting the letter regarding the volunteer note taker request to the faculty member. This letter informs the professor that his/her assistance is needed in securing a note taker for that course. The student will then forward the volunteer note taker information to the DDS office. If a note taker cannot be identified by the student or the faculty member, the Department of Disability Services should be notified immediately by the student in need of the accommodation.

Remember, the note taker service is designed to allow a student the opportunity to review material presented in class. The note taker notes are supplementary to your personal notes. Students must attend class to receive notes from the volunteer note taker. We suggest the use of a portable tape recorder as a back-up in case the note taker is absent. Portable tape recorders are available at the Department of Disability Services.