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Richard W. Jesmajian


MS in Computer Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University

MBA, Monmouth University

B.S., Union College

James and Marlene Howard Hall 223
Office Hours

By appointment.

Courses this Semester
IT 150 Information Technology for Business


After 25 years with AT&T Labs
(formerly Bell Labs) as a systems and network engineer, I retired in December 2003.
My specialization was in designing distributed application architectures and
negotiating domestic and international application layer telecommunication
standards. Subsequent to AT&T, I operated a small consulting firm for
another five years doing contract work for Bell South, AT&T Labs and
Tektronics designing network management solutions and products as well as
providing marketing direction. During that period I worked for 18 months as an
employee of Tektronics, designing network management solutions for customers and
negotiating APIs. Early in 2009 I began teaching introductory and advanced Computer Science
courses at Brookdale Community College as an adjunct. Several years ago, I
expanded my part-time teaching activity to Monmouth University.

Professional Associations



AT&T Labs Standards Recognition Award: Email & Directory Service & Architecture.