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Linda J. Flaming, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Linda J. Flaming, Ph.D.

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

M.S., Queens College, CUNY

Bey Hall 147
Research Interests

Interested in behavioral and decision-making research in accounting, business, and ethical areas

Scholarly Articles

Flaming, L., Mosca, J.
(forthcoming) “Should Accounting Majors have Human Resource Training in
Compliance, Employee Coaching, Team Building and Mentoring Awareness Skill”, Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice 19(6)

Jurney, S., & Flaming, L.
(2013). Making the connection between tax and strategic business
decision-making. The Tax Adviser, 44(5), 330-332. (May)

Mosca, J., Agacer, G.,
Flaming, L., Buzza, J. (2011). The Assurance of Learning Process Components and
the Affects of Engaging Students in the Learning. American Journal of Business
Education. 4(9),
43-66.  September 2011

Flaming, L., Agacer, G.,
& Uddin, N. (2010).  Ethical Decision-Making Difference between
Philippines and United States Students.  Ethics and Behavior 20(1), 65-79
Jan-Feb 2010

“Audit Quality Components and the Effect of Non-Audit Services,” Journal of Business and Behavioral Science, Fall 2008.


CPA (Oklahoma)Best Paper Award (Behavioral Accounting): ABBS Conference 2007

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