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Jessica Reno Burkholder, Assistant Professor, Department of Professional Counseling

Jessica Reno Burkholder, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Professional Counseling
Graduate Center 137

Jessica Reno Burkholder, Ph.D.

A licensed professional counselor in New Jersey, Dr. Burkholder’s research interests focus on the ethical development and multicultural training of counselors. Clinically, she has specialized in the treatment of adolescent sexual behavior problems, trauma, and mood and anxiety disorders.


Ph.D., Kent State University



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Scholarly Articles

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Presentations/Invited Talks

Burkholder, J., Hall, S. F., &
Burkholder, D. (October, 2018). Using ethical decision-making models to
navigate dilemmas in clinical practice. European
Branch American Counseling Association,
Athens, Greece.

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person or your not.” What does it mean to be an ethical counselor? Law and
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