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Photo of Gil D. Eckert, M.S.

Gil D. Eckert, M.S.

Specialist Professor

Computer Science and Software Engineering
Howard Hall 235

Gil D. Eckert, M.S.

Mr. Eckert has held several management and consulting positions in technology, primarily in Education and Medicine.  He has developed, marketed and supported software applications for medical practitioners, educational consortia and state education agencies.  Mr. Eckert has developed data pathways to support accreditation activities at the University level.  He remains involved at the national level with an organization that administers English Language Learner tests in 36 states.


M.S., Kean University

B.S., Stockton State College

Research Interests

Simulation, Data Analysis and Manipulation, Algorithmic Development, Quality Control

Additional Information

Certified Network Engineer


Frequently Taught Classes

  • Information Technology (IT 100)
  • Information Technology for Business (IT 150)
  • Introduction to Computer Science I (CS 175)
  • Introduction to Computer Science I Lab (CS 175L)
  • Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving (CS 102)
  • Introduction to Problem Solving and Software Development (CS 104)

Recently Taught Classes

2021 Fall

2021 Spring

2020 Fall

2020 Spring

2019 Fall

2019 Spring