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Geoffrey G. Fouad, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Geography

Director of GIS Program

Scholarly interests: Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Remote Sensing

Photo of Geoffrey G. Fouad Ph.D.

Ph.D., San Diego State University/UC Santa Barbara

Howard Hall 326
Personal Site
Courses this Semester
Introduction to GIS (GIS-224)
Spatial Data (GIS-324)
Physical Geography (GO-103)

Geoff Fouad is interested in all things spatial analysis. His career thus far has focused on the spatial analysis of water resources, particularly the prediction of water availability in streams and aquifers. This work has involved the use of geographic information systems (GIS), computer programming, machine learning, data visualization, and environmental modeling. Geoff also has a related interest in remote sensing from
satellites and aircrafts for the monitoring and analysis of environmental systems.

As the GIS Program Director and University Cartographer, Geoff is continually expanding his knowledge of spatial analysis to other fields, such as anthropology, criminal justice, and marine science. He is also developing his own research program on water resource modeling under future scenarios.

Geoff teaches a variety of courses on GIS and geography. When not teaching or researching, Geoff enjoys hanging out with his British bulldog, Boleyn, and wife, Chelsea.