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Chris A. Hirschler Ph.D.., MCHES

Department Chair

Associate Professor

Health + Physical Education, Health and Physical Education
Robert E. McAllan Hall 231
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Chris A. Hirschler Ph.D.., MCHES


Since 1999, Dr. Hirschler has taught over 170 college courses. He teaches two faculty directed international travel courses: Guatemala Public Health and Adventure Education in Costa Rica. Dr. Hirschler was Monmouth University’s Faculty Director of Study Abroad (2011-2016), the Department Advising Coordinator (DAC) for the Health and PE department (2012-2016), and a United Nations DPI/NGO Monmouth University representative (2010-2016). He is a 2016-2017 Service Learning Faculty Fellow and Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES).

'Animals' First Year Seminar 2015 - Hirschler

“Animals” First Year Seminar, 2015

Adventure Education in Costa Rica 2016 - Hirschler

Adventure Education in Costa Rica, 2016

Guatemala Public Health 2016 - Hirschler

Guatemala Public Health, 2016


Ph.D., Cleveland State University

M.A., SUNY College at Brockport

B.S., Excelsior College


Scholarly Articles

Popular Articles

Presentations/Invited Talks

  • Hirschler, C. & Conchar, M. (2019). Optimizing FYS via service learning: Student/PLA, partner, and faculty perspectives. 38th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience. Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Hirschler, C, Kartoshkina, Y., & Schreffler, A. (2018), Faculty-Led Courses: Transformation Via High-Impact Practices, NAFSA Conference
  • Garcia, N., Nardozzi, C., Evans, S., & Hirschler. C. (2018) Taking it to the next level: Making the most out of your student ambassador team. The Forum on Education Abroad, 14th Annual Conference.
  • Hirschler, C. & Espiritu, K. (2018). Administering High Impact, Faculty-Led International Travel Courses, 35th Academic Chairpersons Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Hirschler, C. (2017) Keynote: Connecting the Dots: Plant-based Nutrition and Public Health. New Jersey Society for Public Health Education (NJSOPHE) Mid-Year Meeting, Piscataway Township, NJ.
  • Hirschler, C. & Waldau, P. (2017) Curating Conscious Education: Bioethics in Academia. Ivy League Vegan Conference. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
  • Hoon, W. & Hirschler, C. (2017). Leveraging Technology for the Recruitment of Students and Faculty. 34th Academic Chairpersons Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • Konopack, J. F., & Hirschler, C. (2017). Founding Chair, Meet New Chair: Collaborating Through Chair Successions. 34th Academic Chairpersons Conference, New Orleans, LA.
  • 2016, First Year Seminar Faculty Address Campus Sexual Assault, 35th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience.
  • 2015, Effective Methods for Delivering Wellness Education. National Wellness Conference.
  • 2015, Hirschler, C., Hutchinson, C., Rajagopal, R., & Kartoshkina, Y.: Faculty-led service learning: Optimizing student and host community members’ experience. NAFSA Conference.
  • 2014, Hirschler, C., Espiritu, K., & Troy, S. Best Practices for Developing and Supporting Faculty-Directed Programs. NAFSA Conference.
  • 2014, Creating a world of wellness: Becoming “solutionnaries” through global education and service learning. National Wellness Conference.
  • 2014, Optimizing the 8 dimensions of wellness through plant-based nutrition, National Wellness Conference.
  • 2013, Securing wellness-related employment. National Wellness Conference.
  • 2013, Raised on a vegetarian or vegan diet: Parents’ and adult children’s perspectives. Qualitative Health Research Conference.
  • 2012, Creating YouTube videos that promote wellness., National Wellness Conference.
  • 2012, Required student-professor meetings for student presentations, West Long Branch, NJ. SENCER Regional Conference.
  • 2011, Hirschler, C. & Jannone. L., HPV and HSV: Students Share Lessons for Health Professionals. Vancouver, Canada. Qualitative Health Research Conference.
  • 2011, Promoting wellness in developing countries. National Wellness Conference.
  • 2011, Become a filmmaker: Creating and promoting effective advising videos. Denver, CO. The National Academic Advising Association Annual Conference.
  • 2011, Poster, Design of a Course in Sustainable Food Production for Non-Science Majors at Monmouth University. Kucharczyk, R., Daneshgar, P., Hirschler, C. A., MacDonald, T., & Duckett, C. Poster. Indianapolis, IN. SENCER Summer Institute.
  • 2011, Hirschler, C., & Konopack, J. F. Understanding Risk and Return on Investment. Colorado Springs, CO. Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference.
  • 2011, Hirschler, C., Konopack, J. F., & Hope, A. Harnessing Online Videos, Podcasts, and Other Web 2.0 Tools in Health Promotion. Colorado Springs, CO. Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference.
  • 2010, Oral Presentation, Vegan diets: Social challenges, spiritual benefits, and environmental implications. Geneva, Switzerland. International Union for Health Promotion and Education Conference.
  • 2010, Hirschler, C., & Konopack, J. F., & Beric, B. Electronic poster, Conceptualizing the future of global nutrition and physical activity promotion. Geneva, Switzerland. International Union for Health Promotion and Education Conference.