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Photo of Belinda J. Anderson

Belinda J. Anderson, Ph.D.

Director of The Institute for Health and Wellness

Institute for Health and Wellness
McAllan Hall 202

Belinda J. Anderson, Ph.D.

Professor Belinda Anderson is a nationally recognized researcher, clinician, and lifelong educator with proven vision, capability and an intuitive understanding of university culture in addition to the substantial impact a university can have on the community’s well-being.

As a leading figure in healthcare and higher education, Anderson has successfully secured funding for health and wellness research initiatives and formed strong partnerships between major educational and medical organizations. She is an associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and served as the academic dean at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York. Anderson has led cross-institutional and interdisciplinary project development and management, including a 10-year collaborative partnership between Einstein and Pacific College involving interprofessional education programs and three federally funded research projects. She is a recognized expert in the use of acupuncture to improve the outcomes of assisted reproduction, and worked as an acupuncturist at New York University Fertility Center for 10 years.

As a researcher and research director, Anderson has investigated the benefits of complementary and integrative treatments in randomized clinical trials, and has undertaken educational research on training residents in integrative medicine and acupuncturists in evidence-based medicine. Her research reflects her strong interest and belief in the importance of determining clinical effectiveness in real world settings, utilizing evidence-proven complementary and integrative methods, and empowering the population to play a major role in their own personal health through education.

Anderson is a member of the National Institute of Health National Advisory Council for Complementary and Integrative Health and has served on the review committee for the International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health. She and her wife, Iris, live in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey and will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary this September. Anderson enjoys gardening in the summer, and cycling the Atlantic coastline with her dog, Castro.

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