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Andrew Cohen, Ph.D.

Chair and Professor

Ph.D., University of Chicago

Rechnitz Hall, 313
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Andrew Cohen, Ph.D.

Temple Architecture and Sculpture of the Nolambas (9th-10th centuries). (New Delhi: Manohar Pub., 1998.)

Scholarly Articles

“The Nolamba Style and Vijayanagara Archaizing: The Bhoganandisvara Compound at Nandi, Karnataka” in Hari Smriti : Studies on Art Archaeology and Indology : Papers Presented in Memory of Dr. Haribishnu Sarkar. Edited by Arundhati Banerji. New Delhi, Kaveri, 2006.

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“Editorial Statement” and “Contemporary Indian Painting: A Portfolio” in Art Journal, Fall 1999.

“Why a History of Monuments from Nolambavadi.” Artibus Asiae, 57, no.1/2 (1997): 17-29.

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“A Question of Style: The Nolamba Kallesvara Temple at Aralaguppe” in Dr. K.V. Ramesh Felicitation Volume (India, forthcoming).