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Skills and Standards by Year

Level/Type of Course Objective Material to be covered Format Readings Evaluation and Performance
100: Broad surveys Provide broad thematic & informational Broad regional & chronological surveys Lecture, some discussion Secondary, some primary sources Shorter Papers, exams
200: More focused surveys Cover a narrower range of material in greater depth and improve students’ interpretive skills More advanced survey of a particular national or regional history or thematic study Mix of lecture and discussion Secondary and primary sources Analytical & research papers, exams
300: Upper level courses, Independent Study Hone students’ research & interpretive skills, focus on historical argument & documentation

Narrower regional, thematic, or chronological focus

State of knowledge and interpretation of a particular topic

Lecture & discussion Monographs, primary sources Longer research & analytical papers that focus on skills
400: Reading Colloquia, Research Seminars Introduce students to deeper textual analysis and to conducting original, primary research Selected topic, narrower, in-depth focus Discussion only Primary sources, monographs Research paper