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Researching and Writing Your History and Anthropology Papers

The key to writing your paper is to start early. Begin thinking about a possible topic when the paper is first assigned, do some background reading, discuss your ideas with your professor and classmates, and visit the Library. Some classes use research guides designed specifically for them.

In addition, consider making an appointment with Writing Services, either to get started or to revise your first draft.

The staff at the Library will gladly introduce you to research tools and will help you locate relevant material.

When writing your History paper, please follow the Department’s Style Guides for HS 101/102 and for All Other History Courses.

When writing your Anthropology paper, please follow the style and formatting instructions from your professor. You may find the AAA style guide helpful.

You may also wish to consult the following guide:

A Student’s Guide to Reading and Writing in Social Anthropology, by Smita Lahiri and James Herron, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University