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Student Clubs + Organizations

Many of these clubs and organizations are open to all students. Those in the Department of Communication are encouraged to participate to gain additional hands-on experience in their major or minor.

The Outlook

The Outlook has been the student-run newspaper of Monmouth University since 1933. Published weekly and open to all MU students, the paper covers all news, sports, entertainment, and opinions on campus, and has received national awards from Columbia University for news coverage and layout. Staff meetings are held every Wednesday at 3 p.m. in the Outlook office in the Plangere Center.

Location: Plangere Center, Room 240
Contact: John Morano
Phone: 732-571-4424

88.9 WMCX

Located in the Plangere Center, 88.9 WMCX-FM is Monmouth’s student-run radio station, which has 1,000 watts of power and transmits over a 35-mile radius. Music programming includes rock n’ roll, alternative, metal, reggae, dance, soul, and R&B. WMCX-FM also features regular newscasts, talk shows, sporting events, and special interviews from a diversified staff that come from various fields of study.

Location: Plangere Center, Room 244
Contact: Aaron Furgason
Phone: 732-263-5254

Hawk TV

Membership in Hawk TV is open to all registered Monmouth students. Hawk TV’s purpose is to provide a medium that encourages and promotes responsible, creative broadcasting, and to therefore foster the advancement of television education at Monmouth University. Hawk TV is located in the Plangere Center.

Location: Plangere Center, Room 139
Contact: Robert Scott
Phone: 732-571-4430

Shadow PR Firm and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

Shadow PR and PRSSA is a student-run PR firm that provides publicity services to University student organizations, community, and non-profit groups.

Location: Plangere Center, Room 244
Contact: Mary Harris
Phone: 732-263-4425

CommWorks: Students Committed to Performance

CommWorks was established for ALL students who enjoy and are committed to performance as a means to transform, educate, entertain, and empower both performers and audiences.

Location: Plangere Center, Room 235
Contact: Deanna Shoemaker
Phone 732-263-5194

The Verge

The purpose of The Verge Student News Portal is to provide the Monmouth University community with information concerning issues in and around the University and to serve as a forum for expression of the ideas of its audience, to provide experience for students interested in journalism, communication, and other tech and multimedia reports; and to grant campus recognition of the achievements of students, faculty, and student organizations.

Location: Plangere Center, Room 244
Contact: Marina Vujnovic
Phone: 732-263-5667

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