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Professor Profiles Podcast

Professor Profiles

Here at Monmouth University, we are a teaching faculty of just over 300 full-time professors, 80% of whom hold PhDs or other terminal degrees. These degrees and titles, however, aren’t the only things that describe us and make us the educators we are. In the Department of Communication, each faculty member has a unique story and a rich history to share, woven into the great tapestry that is Monmouth University. The goal of this interview series is to get to know one another a bit better, share our stories and studies, and most importantly, remind ourselves and others that we are here to not only educate, but inspire the next generation of professionals, academics, and citizens of the global community. Join hosts Matt Harmon and Nick Messina as they sit down with members of the Department of Communication for some intimate conversations (with no shortage of laughs) about their backgrounds, their interests and studies, and the industries they represent.

Professor Cox

Dickie Cox, Assistant Professor of Interactive Digital Media, joins Nick to talk about his work in play and games, the intersectionality of humans and their tech counterparts, and how the toys we played with as kids can provide a foundation for a future career.

Professor Dell

Chad Dell, Associate Professor of Media Studies and Production, pulls up to the mic with Matt to discuss the current state of TV content creation in an increasingly digitized media landscape as well as his documentary work, chronicling the story of an all-African American regiment fighting in WWII.

Professor Morano

John Morano, Professor of Journalism, sits down with Matt to talk about the immense challenges posed to journalists in the time of “citizen-journalism,” his nature-inspired books series, and how he can still bring the heat on the basketball court.

Professor Novek

Eleanor Novek, Professor of Journalism, has a chat with Matt about her storied career as a journalist having worked the beats in Virginia and Georgia, the incredible dedication to bringing peaceful solutions to conflict in state prisons, and how the greatest hurdle for new journalists to overcome is simply learning how to speak face-to-face once again.

Professor Scott

Rob Scott, Senior Specialist Professor of Media Studies and Production, hunkers down with Nick to talk about the unpredictable nature of which tech advancements will resonate with consumers, how to warm students up to the idea of classic Hollywood cinema, and the thrill of being out on the water, wrestling giant tuna along the Atlantic Coast.

Professor Stojanov

Amanda Stojanov, Assistant Professor of Digital Media, sits with Nick in the first socially-distanced of our series to chat about the intersectionality of art and digital media, the increased need for education about emerging media, and how she was using Zoom before Zoom was “even a thing.”

Professor Vujnovic

Marina Vujnovic, Associate Professor of Journalism, talks with Nick about the impacts of globalization on culture and democracy, how coming of age during the fall of Communist-Yugoslavia reinforced for her the need for an open and free press, and what’s a worth binge-watch with your partner after the day is done.