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Art & Design

300 Level Courses

AR 311 - Drawing 3
Seeing the figure, objects, and the environment; exploring all possible avenues of expression resulting from the experience of seeing; drawing experiences in various media. Six hours per week. Prerequisites: AR-113, AR-114, AR-191 and AR-192.
AR 325 - Writing Supplement for Art and Design
The writing component for co-registered studio classes which integrates a fifteen-page research paper. Emphasis is placed on the quality of writing and research. Prerequisites: EN-101 and EN-102 or permission of the instructor. Corequisite: A 200-, 300-, or 400-level studio course.
AR 346 - History of Graphic Design
A survey of graphic design with an emphasis on the twentieth century to the present. The course instructs students in researching areas of interest to broaden their knowledge of issues in the discipline while critically reflecting on the aesthetic, cultural, social, and political contexts within which graphic design emerged. Prerequisites: EN-101 and EN-102 or permission of the instructor.
AR 349 - Asian Art Survey
Important Artistic Monuments from India, China and Japan. Since Buddhism is a connecting link for Asian cultures, emphasis is placed on Buddhist art. Prerequisites: EN-101 and EN-102 or permission of the instructor.
AR 351 - Methods of Teaching Art I
The history and philosophy of art education; the construction of art curricula and the exploration of teaching methods; media and tools appropriate for the educational level. Methods I deals with the needs of the elementary school child. The course includes research-based pedagogical strategies for teaching linguistically diverse students, those with diverse learning needs, incorporating instructional technology into the classroom and utilizing data to inform instruction. Clinical Hours required. Open to Art majors only. Also listed as ED-351. Prerequisites: AR-114, AR-116, and AR-192 and a minimum G.P.A. of 3.00.
AR 353 - Digital Photography III
A strong foundation in the technical and aesthetic aspects of color photography through projects utilizing digital RAW files and analog negatives with instruction in color printing and studio lighting as it pertains to the nuances of color. Discussions and critical writings focus on the history and theory of color photography. Combines analog and digital techniques and focuses on more advanced file managing and color control both on the monitor and in the print. Prerequisite: AR-253.
AR 371 - Graphic Design Studio III
Marks the transition from graphic design fundamentals to more complex visual problem solving. Projects focus on original exploration and design in corporate identity and branding. Course topics include: trademark and copyright, marketing research, brand strategy, and design briefs. Students implement concepts through creation of collateral, packaging, and interactive promotion. Professional preparation of work for commercial use is an integral part of this course. Prerequisite: AR-270.
AR 374 - Digital Imaging
Advanced concepts and creative techniques in digital imaging using Adobe Photoshop. Projects build on all previously learned software, specifically the Adobe Creative Suite. Assignments include varied aspects of graphic design including file preparation and creation for digital compositing and large format printing. This course also prepares students for work within the professional printing industry. Prerequisite: AR-273.
AR 382 - Print: Lithography and Silkscreening
Introduction to the printmaking techniques of aluminum plate lithography and Photo Silkscreen, with an emphasis on multiple color and combination Litho/Silkscreen hybrid prints. Six hours per week. Department Chair approval for non-art majors is required. Prerequisites: AR-191 and AR-192.
AR 383 - Web Design/Interactive I
An introduction to web design and production. Covers an overview of the creation of websites and the use of web graphics, web programming, and multimedia through web-based software programs. Fundamentals of graphic production, layout design, web typography, and the principles of Interaction Design and UX Design are discussed. Prerequisite: AR-253 or AR-374.
AR 386 - Principles of Animation
Students will learn the basic theories and principles of animation. An overview of the early history of animation will be given to put current practice into perspective. Students will be introduced to different animation techniques, such as 2D, Stop Motion, and 3D computer animation. They will apply these techniques to complete several short exercises and pick one to complete a final project. Prerequisite: AR-114.
AR 389 - Art and Photography Internship
An internship in any art and design disciplines with the development of professional competence in the career setting. The placement must enhance a student's knowledge of his or her chosen field of study. Students are required to complete 50 hours per credit. Sophomore status and permission of the instructor is required to register for this course.
AR 390 - Animation/Motion Graphics I
An introduction to the art of time-based, graphic storytelling. Emphasis will be placed on the creation of engaging digital environments through the thoughtful integration, manipulation, and orchestration of audio, video elements, typography, and animated logos. Prerequisite: AR-172 or AR-181.
AR 393 - 3-D Animation Production
Concepts, tools and techniques employed in animated storytelling. Students will pre-visualize their projects through storyboarding, planning, and assembling shots in sequence. Students will learn how to combine sound with advanced 3D computer animation. Audio/visual synchronization as well as character lip syncing with phonemes will be explored. Students will construct complex 3D animated stories in Maya and complete a fully animated piece. Prerequisite: AR-387.
AR 398 - Special Topics in Art (300 Level)
An intensive study of a particular subject or problem in art to be announced prior to registration. The course may be conducted on either a lecture-discussion or a seminar basis. If a prerequisite is required it will be announced in the course schedule.
AR 399 - Independent Study in Art
Guided research - a studio project or art history topic. Weekly consultation. May be elected for a total of six credits. Prior permission of the directing professor and department chair is required to take this course.