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Art & Design

100 Level Courses

AR 101 - Art Appreciation
A global survey of the cross-cultural evolution of art from the prehistoric period through the twentieth century. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the basic elements of art, the creative process, and the significance of art within the context of social, political, religious, and economic climate of its time. This course is not available to Art majors.
AR 113 - Basic Design and Composition
Drawing and design disciplines pertaining to a solid and basic understanding of composition, figure-ground relationships and the organization of marks and shapes on flat surfaces. Some beginning aspects of color and an experience relating to relief forms.
AR 172 - Introduction to Digital Design
An introduction to basic graphic design and visual communication concepts. Builds on the skills learned in foundation courses in basic design and complements the introduction to the field in Graphic Design Studio I, AR-269. Students will become proficient in design concepts and computer skills later used in the Graphic Design field, including page layout, illustration, photography, and Web design. They will continue to develop creative problem-solving skills and the foundation theory of Graphic Design. Prerequisite: AR-113.
AR 177 - Introduction to Digital Design for Non-Art majors
Designed for students with little or no experience in computer graphics. Combines basic visual problem solving with hands-on, computer-based digital training. Projects are designed with the non-art/design major in mind and would be appropriate for students majoring in journalism, communications, marketing and music industry.
AR 181 - Digital Photography I
Light and lens are the fundamental elements of photographic and video media. This foundation level course introduces students to the formal characteristics of light and lenses by surveying a variety of image-making practices, from primitive photographic devices to digital photography and video. Through a combination of classroom talks and hands-on-projects, students will encounter principles of black-and-white and color photography as well as elementary video. Learning camera controls in this manner opens up a wide range of expressive possibilities.
AR 191 - Drawing I
Explore fundamentals of drawing in order to accurately describe nonfigurative volumetric objects. Students are expected to develop a solid understanding of basic drawing elements such as line, value, mass, and space and learn to comprehend the understanding of space, shape, proportion, form, volume, light, and rhythm. Drawing I is a basic hands-on course that introduces the student to various traditional drawing techniques and materials for expression. Working with a basic drawing medium, we will explore fundamental rendering techniques. Six hours per week.
AR 199 - Independent Study in Art
Guided research - A studio project or art history topic. Weekly consultation. May be elected for a total of 6 credits Prior permission of the directing professor and department chair is required to take this course.
AR REV - Art and Design Student Portfolio Review
Required student portfolio review usually completed during the fourth semester. Transfer students need to schedule with an advisor. This is a pass/fail course.