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Department of Mathematics

Lauren Kovacs, Class of 2005



  • BS in Mathematics
  • Minor in Psychology


U.S. Army, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

What I Do

I am a cost analyst for the U.S. Army at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. I was hired here directly after graduating from Monmouth University. My actual title is financial management analyst intern. In July, I will graduate from a two-year internship program at which point I will continue on as an operations research analyst in the Cost Analysis Division. For the time I have been employed here, I have taken many work-related classes (provided by my job) and have done two rotational assignments in other program offices on Fort Monmouth. I spend a lot of my time at work analyzing cost and schedule variances in contract performance reports, which are provided by contractors working on programs for the Army. In a broader sense, all of us at Fort Monmouth work to support the warfighter.

The Role of Mathematics

Although a requirement for attaining a position as a cost analyst at Fort Monmouth is completing 24 credits in math, math does not really play a central role in my job. Normally, only basic calculations are needed, and we do a lot of them either in Excel or with other software programs. Occasionally, I will use statistical methods to obtain things like predictive cost factors. The focus is more on analytical skills rather than doing actual advanced math. Because of my love for math and the fact that not very much of it is involved in my job, I also tutor most days after work for high school students.

My Background

I graduated from Wall High School then attended Monmouth University for all four years of college to achieve my bachelor’s degree in mathematics. During my time as a math major at Monmouth, I could most often be found in the Math Learning Center either tutoring other students or studying with fellow classmates. I was a math education major but dropped the education part of my degree because I was not sure I wanted to teach. The summer after my junior year, I was afforded the opportunity of an internship with JP Morgan Chase in Manhattan. I was offered a permanent position there upon graduation, but decided to take the job at Fort Monmouth instead to stay close to home and avoid the daily commute into the city. I am happy with my choices and enjoy tutoring most of all.