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Department of Mathematics

Janine McMillin, Class of 2006

Jamie McMillin, Alumni


  • B.S. in Mathematics
  • B.S. in Education


Piscataway High School, New Jersey

What I Do

During my student teaching at Piscataway High School in the fall of 2006, one of the math teachers at the school decided to announce her retirement for January of 2007. With this opening, the school decided to interview me and offer me the position. I eagerly accepted the position and am currently teaching two Algebra I classes and three HSPA 9 courses. HSPA 9 is a class for students who did not pass the Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment (GEPA). This course is expected to prepare the students for the HSPA exam they will need to pass in their junior year in order to graduate. I am also the junior varsity field hockey coach at Piscataway High School.

The Role of Mathematics

Math has always been a passion of mine. My education at Monmouth University helped build my confidence and further my passion. The math program at Monmouth, through the materials, the courses, and the professors who shared the same passion, helped me to become the teacher that I am today. Although math has always been a passion of mine, that is certainly not true for many of my students. Using experiences from Monmouth, I am able to put math into a language that teenagers of all backgrounds can understand and have been able to build their confidence and enthusiasm for the subject. I believe that my students have learned that math can be useful once you are able to view it from the right perspective and with the right attitude. I have been working with a diverse group of students and am amazed at the influence I can have on these individuals each and every day.

My Background

I attended the University of Delaware from the fall of 2002 through spring 2003. I made the transfer to Monmouth University for the fall of 2003 and graduated in the fall of 2006 after completing my student teaching requirement. With smaller classes and more individualized education, I felt that Monmouth was the best fit for me to get the most of my academic college experience. I graduated with B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Education. While at Monmouth I was also a member of the field hockey team and was a captain my senior year. I was also a member of Kappa Mu Epsilon, Chi Alpha Sigma, and Lambda Sigma Tau, and graduated with a 3.75 GPA. In the future I plan on getting my master’s degree in Administration.