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Bryanna Roos, Class of 2019


BS in Mathematics and Elementary EducationPhoto of Bryanna Roos, Class of 2019


Berkeley Street Elementary School, New Milford, NJ

What I Do

I am currently a full-time kindergarten teacher. Each day, I teach all subjects to my class of 18 students. In addition to teaching, I am also pursuing a Master’s degree in Education at Monmouth University with a concentration in Teaching Students with Disabilities. I plan to graduate from Monmouth’s graduate program in May of 2020.

The Role of Mathematics

Mathematics has positively impacted me throughout my life as a student as well as now, as an educator. Looking back at my years at Monmouth, choosing to be a math major was one of my best decisions. The mathematics courses and faculty members helped strengthen my passion for math by providing me with opportunities to deepen my knowledge and expand my skill set. I am excited to share my love for math with my students as young learners and develop their foundational mathematic skills.

My Background

Monmouth University was the perfect place for me not only for the outstanding education I received but also the numerous activities and experiences I was offered. Throughout my four years on campus, I worked as a peer tutor at the Math Learning Center. I also spent two years as an office assistant for a local nonprofit organization, The Kortney Rose Foundation. I was an active member of the Math Club, where I took the role of Vice President my junior year and President my senior year. Additionally, through the Math Department, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference. During my senior year, I received the Outstanding Service to Mathematics award and presented my Honors thesis on the topic of implementing technology effectively in elementary mathematics classrooms. After graduating from the Honors School in 2019, I am eager to utilize all I’ve learned at Monmouth University to help benefit my future students.