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Center for Student Success

Tutor Training Self Test

  • Tutor Information

  • (Please enter only your 7 digits, not the S.)
  • Directions: Respond with the best answer for each question.
  • Module 5

  • 1. Student verbalization provides a variety of benefits for both tutor and student * Required
  • 2. What is the value of a true conversational structure? * Required
  • 3. Choose the best tenet of social constructivism as it applies to tutoring. * Required
  • 4. Speaking is a way of learning. * Required
  • 5. Why do teachers use various methods to introduce concepts to students?
  • 6. Choose the four most common learning styles. * Required
  • 7. Developmental differences among students do not make a difference when it comes to learning and all students can learn concepts equally well if they work hard enough. * Required
  • 8. Match the learning style with the activity. (Examples can be more than one style.)
    a) visual   b) aural   c) read/write   d) kinesthetic
  • 9. In the process of verbalizing, students often become aware of ... * Required
  • 10. Verbalization produces more student questions. * Required
  • 11. Replay section 5.5 of the video. What did the tutors, in each case, learn about the students while the students were in the process of verbalizing? Cite examples of spoken words that helped generate the discovery.
  • There are seven benefits to student verbalization. List three of them below.
  • Module 8

  • 18. There are seven direct techniques discussed in Module 8. List four of them.