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Center for Student Success

Support for Remote Learning and Academic Advising

The Center for Student Success is offering academic support virtually during Monmouth University’s remote learning and instruction period. Although we will be working remotely until classes resume on campus, the CSS is here to support students and faculty as we work through the conditions of our current learning environment.

Below is an overview of our offerings. Please reach out to any one of the key contacts for assistance.

  • Academic Advising

    The Offices of Academic Advising and Transfer and Undeclared Services will continue to support student and academic advisor advising needs and questions while the University works remotely. Both offices are regularly monitoring voicemails and will return calls as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need academic advising support during this difficult time.

    First Year Advising

    First Year Advising is available to assist first-year students with all first year advising related questions. First year students may email their First Year Advisor directly for virtual assistance, or they may email, and an advising administrator will get back to them as soon as possible.

    First-year students who need major and career advising may email Dr. Noah Hart for a virtual appointment –

    For instructions on how to register for classes, visit: How to Register for Classes

    Transfer and Undeclared Services

    The Transfer Services Office is available to assist with all transfer related issues and queries. The best way to contact our office is via email at What’s more, we are regularly monitoring voicemails to our office line (732-571-3588) and will return calls as soon as possible.

    Don’t forget that students and faculty can also contact for general advising assistance.

    Department of Disability Services (DDS)

    Efforts will continue to provide accommodations and services in the weeks ahead to students who are registered with the DDS office. Staff are working with Information Management regarding accessibility to all online course materials and use of assistive technology. Students with physical disabilities, hearing impairments and visual impairments who may encounter technical issues should immediately report any issues/concerns to the DDS staff so they can work with Information Support to ensure full accessibility. The Department of Disability Services staff will be responding to all phone calls and emails from students, parents and others who may contact the office.  In addition, they will assist professors with accommodating students remotely and scheduling online exams with accommodations.  DDS administrators will also be checking their MU email in office/remotely/regularly and responding to any student on their caseload who contacts them.

    Key contact: Skip Carey –

    Testing Guidelines for Students Registered with the Department of Disability Services (DDS):

    Students who would like to utilize their accommodation of extended time for on-line quizzes, tests and exams must:

    • Email the professor at least 3 days in advance requesting extended time.
    • Include on this email.
    • Please contact DDS with any questions or concerns.

    For any student that has NOT disclosed to their Professor(s) this semester and want to utilize their academic accommodations for final exams, please email  Please include the course code(s) and Professor(s) name to whom you would like to disclose ASAP.

    Professors who are unsure of how to extend the time on quizzes/exams on eCampus should contact the Helpdesk at: or 732-923-4357.

    Should any testing issues arise, please contact DDS at

    Guggenheim Memorial Library

    The library is maintaining reference/research assistance hours 7 days per week, including offering live chat (just go to and click on “Chat with a Librarian now!”).   The hours available for chat are:  Monday through Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, Friday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

  • For a complete listing of services, go to our Virtual Library Services page.
  • Key contact: Kurt Wagner —

    Math Learning Center

    The Math Learning Center is now offering online peer tutoring from upper-level Mathematics majors via drop-in Zoom meetings. Peer tutors are available to assist students in a wide range of Math classes.

    For a schedule of offerings and Zoom links:

    Key contact: Lynn Dietrich –

    Supplemental Instruction

    Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of group study sessions for some of MU’s most challenging courses.  Led by SI Leaders (students who have done well in the class before), SI Sessions are free and open to any students in those classes who are interested in improving their understanding of the course material and their course grade.

    What to Expect at an SI Session:  You should expect to do the following for a successful SI Session:

    1. Bring your notes, textbook, and questions.  It is ok to be confused or make mistakes!  SI Sessions are the place for you to work through the material and improve your understanding.
    2. Plan to work collaboratively.  SI Sessions are designed to involve students in small group work and discussion.
    3. Think critically about your own study skills.  SI will help you figure out not only what to learn, but how!
    4. Finally, stay connected with your classmates.  SI Sessions will give you an opportunity to connect with other students, compare notes, and help one another outside of regular class time.

    How will you know if your class has SI Sessions?  Your professor will introduce your SI Leader at the beginning of the semester, and your SI Leader will remain in close contact with you to announce their SI Sessions and how they’ll support the course as the semester evolves.

    Key contact: Bea Rogers

  • Tutoring

    Tutoring Services will continue to deliver high-quality, remote tutoring sessions for Fall 2020. Sessions will begin Monday September 14 and will operate as follows: Monday through Friday 9:30am-10:00pm. Students can make appointments with Peer Tutors through Accudemia, where they can  participate in synchronous sessions via Zoom with a link that is automatically created and sent to the student’s email when an appointment is created. If a tutor is not available through Accudemia, students may fill out a Tutor Request Form. Academic Coaches are available Monday-Thursday and appointments can be made by directly contacting the Director of Tutoring Services. These sessions will also be delivered remotely. College Success skills workshops will be delivered virtually, either live or prerecorded via Zoom.

    Request a Tutor | Center for Student Success | Monmouth University

    For all other requests, please complete our online Tutor Request form

    Additional information:

    Key contact: Dorothy Cleary –

    Writing Services

    Writing Services for both undergraduate and graduate students for Fall 2020 begins Monday September 14 and will operate as follows: Monday through Thursday 9:30am-9:00pm; Friday 9:30-5:00; and Sunday 5:00-9:00.

    All Fall 2020 appointments in Writing Services will be conducted remotely online.

    Graduate students wishing to avail themselves of this remote service will continue to submit their paper through the eCampus shell titled “Community – Online Writing Services.” Students may submit no more than one paper per week (this is subject to change depending on tutor availability). Writing Services will do our best to maintain our 72-hour turnaround promise for providing the student with feedback. There is no need for graduate students to make an appointment through Accudemia; simply submit your paper to eCampus. 

    For undergraduates, please make an appointment with an available writing assistant by either: (1) going online at; or (2) emailing us at

    If emailing, students should email the following requests: date of appointment, time of appointment, the class it is for, the faculty member teaching the course, and to the best of their knowledge which formatting style they must use.

    After making the appointment, the student should then submit both their assignment and their paper (it is ok to submit a prewriting artifact, such as an outline, an annotation, etc.) via the new eCampus shell to the “Assignments” dropbox folder. The writing assistant with whom the student made the appointment will then access the submissions at the appointed time and use the feedback mechanism in the Assignments window to provide holistic feedback to the student. Students may submit no more than one paper per week (this is subject to change depending on tutor availability).

    Beginning in Fall 2020, students may also make an appointment for a synchronous, one-on-one Zoom session with an available writing assistant. Students must make the appointment through Accudemia and must be ready to be at a computer equipped with a webcamera and microphone at the appointed time. All Zoom sessions will be for 30 minutes only. 

    If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or at 732-571-7542 (leave a voicemail)

    Click image to read and download flyer

    Key contact: Dr. Frank Fury –

    Additional Resources:


    Download Infographic PDF files for Printing:
    Email Management Tips  |  Online Learning Tips | Online Test-Taking Tips

    Be well, and please know that the CSS is here to assist in the learning process!