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Navigating Campus

Updated: Friday, Oct. 16, 2020

Until further notice, entry into most campus buildings will be limited to assigned faculty, staff, and students attending a scheduled class. In residence halls, occupancy will be limited to residents of the specific building only and all lounges and other common spaces will be closed.

No Mask, No Entry 

Masks or other face coverings will be required inside buildings, including in all classrooms, labs, dining spaces, and in all other instances where six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained. Students may remove their masks once safely inside their individual residence hall rooms, but masks are required in common areas. 

Physical Distance 

Six feet of physical distance between individuals will be implemented in all classrooms, workplaces, and areas of congregation, including indoors, outside, and when entering and exiting buildings.   

When walking on campus sidewalks or pathways, please always stay to the right side of the walkway to provide at least six feet of distance from pedestrians walking in the opposite direction. 


Signage and markers indicating physical distancing guidelines, mask requirements, and other hygiene methods will be displayed in all work, residential, academic, dining, health and recreational settings. 

Entering and Exiting 

Posted signage will help guide individuals as they enter, travel through, occupy, and exit buildings. Building occupants should stay to the right when traveling through hallways. 

Multi-entranced buildings will have designated “in” and “out” doors with signage to limit congestion. 

Doors and Door Handles 

In an effort to minimize frequently touched surfaces, individuals are encouraged to determine if interior doors can be left open when the area is occupied. However, fire-rated doors, typically those that are equipped with closers and open to a building’s corridor, should always be kept closed. 

Elevators and Stairs 

Individuals are encouraged to use the stairs to navigate between floors and should stay to the right on staircases and in stairwells. Elevator capacity is reduced and occupancy limits will be posted. 

Health Screenings 

Temperature checks will be required in order to gain access to certain high-traffic areas, such as Magill Commons, the Guggenheim Library, the OceanFirst Bank Center, and the Great Hall. 

Students may be asked to display evidence of having completed the daily self-screening of COVID-19 symptoms using the symptom tracker tool prior to entry into the classroom and other designated areas on campus. 

Library and Computer Labs 

The Guggenheim Memorial Library will be open and operational but is subject to physical distancing guidelines of six feet and a capacity limit of 25 percent occupancy, as set forth by the State of New Jersey for Stage 2.  Disinfectant wipes and disposable masks will be available and restocked as necessary. 

Computer labs will be opened for the Fall 2020 semester in accordance with guidelines in New Jersey Administrative Order 2020-17, the university’s restart plan, and the academic calendar. Users will be required to wear a mask, maintain social distance as well as follow sanitation and infection control practices posted in the labs. Additional consideration for high-risk individuals use will be addressed prior to the start of the semester. The computers in the labs will allow the use of all university licensed software and will have printing capability.

Locations and times of operation for these labs will be posted prior to the beginning of classes.


Classrooms will be set up in compliance with social distancing regulations. Where possible, furniture will be removed and repurposed in another room where additional classrooms will be created. 


Individuals and departments are expected to continue the use of Zoom for remote meetings. If it is necessary to hold meetings in-person, faculty and staff are asked to limit the number of attendees present, wear face coverings, and ensure that all individuals are able to appropriately physical distance (i.e., six feet apart). 

Campus Dining 

Dining services are available via the Transact mobile app. Patrons will order in advance for a contactless “to go” experience. All food service selections will be served by Gourmet Dining associates in packaged or individually wrapped disposable containers in accordance with CDC regulations. All self-service locations have been discontinued. Mobile ordering is available at the following locations: Grill; Chef’s Table; Diner; International; Deli; Rotisserie/Carving; and Pizza. Walk-up ordering will be made available at a few locations where spacing allows and is practical from an execution standpoint, including Chef’s Table, Beverage Station, Salad Bar, Bakery, and Pizza.

All patrons and staff will be masked unless eating or drinking. A limited amount of indoor seating is available, subject to social distancing protocols. Additional outdoor seating is available in strategic locations throughout the campus.

For the most current information, please follow Gourmet Dining on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook.

Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Hygiene 

The University will implement enhanced sanitation protocols, including more frequent cleaning of restrooms, common areas, and classrooms using COVID-19 EPA-approved cleaning products and CDC cleaning protocols. Building entrances and exits, classrooms, restrooms, and offices will be equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, tissues, and paper towels. 

Staff, faculty, and students will make use of disinfecting wipes and sanitizers provided in each room or work area to wipe down surfaces prior to, and after, use, as part of the community responsibility to maintain a clean work environment. Departments are expected to supplement cleaning of communal spaces by wiping all high-touch surfaces, including tables, refrigerator handles, coffee machines, etc. on a daily basis. 


Physical distancing of at least six feet will be required in restrooms across campus. Individuals should limit occupancy of campus restrooms in order to maintain physical distancing. 

After restroom use, individuals should wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Only use alternating sinks when washing hands in a restroom; only use alternating urinals in restrooms. 

Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected more frequently with EPA-approved supplies. 

Athletics Facilities 

Student-athletes will be mandated to wear masks in the weight room, the sports medicine area, and in all hallways, dining facilities, and living areas. Masks will not be required for outdoor workouts. Athletes should consult with their coaches with regards to future competition plans.

University Store

The bookstore will be open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., beginning September 7, 2020. Students are welcome to purchase their books in person during those times. Social distancing and face coverings are required. Enter through the OceanFirst Bank Center and exit through the exterior vestibule.

Students may also order books online at Books ordered online may be shipped or arrangements may be made for contactless pickup. Please call the store at 732-263-5235 to make those arrangements or with any other questions.

Classroom Building Codes

A600 Art Building (601-608)
AWArt Workshop Building
AB Athletics Building
• MGYMBoylan Gym Main
• MGYMNBoylan Gym North
• MGYMNSBoylan Gym South
• FHFField Hockey Field
• SPSteadman Pool
• TCTennis Court
• BCBowling Center
BHSamuel E. and Mollie Bey Hall
BIRCBirch Hall (near the Health Center)
CC–Anacon BStudent Center Anacon B 
EThomas A. Edison Science Hall
E–ODSPACEEdison Science Hall Outdoor Space 
GHGreat Hall
GHAGreat Hall Annex
GH–GH AUDGreat Hall Auditorium (front)
GH–GH AUD2 Great Hall Auditorium (back)
GH–VERGreat Hall Versailles Room 
HHJames and Marlene Howard Hall
HH PTHoward Hall Pollak Theatre
JPPlangere Center for Communication
LAKHLakehouse (Asbury Park-Off Campus)
LARLLaurel Hall Basement (Residential Bldg) 
LIBRMonmouth University Library
MAC 301 – OFBCVarsity Club 301 in OceanFirst Bank Center
MAC 303 – OFBCVarsity Club 303 in OceanFirst Bank Center
MC CDRMagill Commons Club Dining Room 
MHRobert E. McAllan Hall
MH – ODSPACEMcAllan Hall Outdoor Space 
MPMonmouth University Graduate Center at Monmouth Park Corporate Center
OOff Campus
PZPozycki Hall
RHRechnitz Hall
RH G1Rechnitz DiMattio Gallery (1stfloor)
WILOWillow Hall Basement (Residential Bldg) 
WTWoods Theatre Complex

The University’s plans and protocols are subject to change in response to evolving guidance from local, state, and federal government and public health officials. We will continue to update this website regularly and encourage you to check back often for the most up-to-date information.