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COVID Vaccine – FAQ

Is Monmouth University getting the COVID vaccine?

The University is a registered Place of Distribution (POD) with Monmouth County.  We are registered as a closed POD, meaning we will receive vaccines for our campus community only and not the general public.  We have requested enough vaccines to vaccinate all of our students, employees, and adult family members of employees.  We have also filed our COVID Vaccine Enrollment form with the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH).  To date, our POD has not been activated due to limited supply of the vaccine.  We have no timeline as to when we will receive vaccines.  However, we are making all the necessary preparations to get ready for a robust vaccination program on campus as soon as we are notified that vaccines are available to us.

If I qualify in NJ for being vaccinated in Phases 1a or 1b should I try to get the vaccine or wait until Monmouth University gets the vaccine?

If you already qualify for a COVID vaccine in Phases 1A and 1B, take advantage of ANY opportunity to schedule a vaccine at a distribution site. Do not wait for the Monmouth University site to be activated.

When are college students going to be eligible for COVID vaccination?

Currently in NJ, college students are listed as being in Phase 1C due to a risk associated with shared and congregate living.  NJDOH will determine when COVID vaccines can be distributed to the general college student population in NJ.

If I received a COVID vaccine, do I still have to participate in COVID surveillance testing?

Yes.  You still need to be involved in surveillance testing for two reasons.  One is you do not receive protection until 1-2 weeks after the second dose.  Secondly, we do not know to what extent you have protection as vaccines are dependent upon a person’s immune response to the vaccine.  So it is important to continue with surveillance testing as we gather data to analyze overall effectiveness of vaccination in our community.

I had COVID and didn’t have any symptoms or just a mild stuffy nose.  Why should I consider getting the vaccine?

Vaccination is not just about protecting yourself but helping to protect the ones you love and people in the greater community.  People should consult with their healthcare provider regarding COVID vaccination.

Is there a list of locations in NJ that are offering the vaccine?

Yes. The State of New Jersey maintains a list of current vaccine sites.

Where can I get more information about COVID vaccines?