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Letter to Students in Recovery

Dear Student in Recovery,

We would like to welcome you to Monmouth University! You should be proud of yourself for getting to college and achieving a goal of yours that you once may have thought impossible. We know it has not been easy and you have probably been working hard at your recovery every day. You probably have questions about how you will handle certain situations, including meeting new people and whether or not to disclose your recovery, attending parties, and juggling your recovery with new academic responsibilities. Monmouth University has many resources to help you answer these questions and support you in your transition to college life.

Students in Recovery Club

Yes, that’s right, we have a collegiate recovery scene at Monmouth University, and it’s growing!
Studies tell us that students in recovery benefit greatly from participation in such a club; are more likely to graduate, have a higher GPA and it reduces rates of relapse. So, consider joining our Students in Recovery Club. We have weekly meetings, host events, plan fun activities and do some advocacy work too.
Come check us out!
Contact to learn more.

Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Al Anon:

Cocaine Anonymous:

Drug Addicts Anonymous:

Parents Of Drug Addicts:

Gamblers Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

Nar Anon:

Nicotine Anonymous:

Rational Recovery:

More Support

Check out these apps to aid you in your sobriety/recovery:

Sober Fun:

Fun, without the use of alcohol and other drugs, is something you may have had to re-learn. At Monmouth, we offer daily substance-free activities. You will receive weekly schedules of events via email to update you on the latest campus events and clubs! Find out about volunteer opportunities at the Office of Substance Awareness. Having sober fun is an important part of a healthy recovery and will make your college experience more fulfilling.

Please contact the Office of Substance Awareness if you have any questions at 732-263-5804 or

One Day At A Time,
Substance Awareness Coordinator