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HERO Campaign Club

HERO Campaign Logo

If you represent a lifestyle that complies with the HERO Pledge:

  • Drive Sober
  • Be A Designated Driver
  • Don’t Let Your Friends Drive Drunk

You may want to join this club!

When are the meetings?

Wednesdays – 2x month at 3:00 pm in Bey Hall 132! For official meeting dates, please check out our Facebook Group:

This group of students and administrators, formed Fall 2007, promotes the use of designated drivers for our students as well as our local community.

Here are some areas we work on to promote the message:

  • Cab Company Cell Phone Program – Students are encouraged to save local cab numbers in their cell phones to have easy access to a safe ride home.
  • Free Cab Vouchers – During the year, students have the opportunity to receive a free cab voucher for local transportation.
  • Local Bars/Liquor Stores – The HERO Campaign asks local bars and liquor stores to adopt the Hero message. Posters are hung and a free soda is given to a reported designated driver.
  • Marketing of Hero Message – Representatives are available to promote the Hero message at events by hosting Resource Tables. Ads are placed in the Outlook and emails/facebook ads are sent to our campus community.
  • Hero Campaign Items – Distribution of HERO Campaign items is ongoing on campus and in the local community and include Hero car stickers, Hero pledge cards, Hero bracelets, Hero pins and Hero Posters.
  • Designated Driver Stories – Students are asked to submit “Designated Driver” stories and be entered to win prizes.
  • Local High Schools – The HERO Committee plans to co-sponsor events with local high schools and help raise awareness of designated drivers

To learn more about the Hero Campaign, please visit its website at: