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Emergency and Crisis Intervention

Parents and friends are to contact MUPD at 732-571-4444 or call 911 if there are concerns regarding imminent safety and they cannot connect with Counseling and Prevention Services (CPS). In the case of an emergent psychiatric crisis, the student may be directed to an Emergency Department for an immediate evaluation. CPS abides by MU’s Student Medical and Mental Health Emergency Policy.

Counselors are typically only available by scheduled appointment when the office is open. However, in the event of a crisis, CPS might be able to accommodate a student for a “walk-in” appointment, although there is no guarantee. Additionally, if the student continuously seeks counseling for crisis management, CPS may refer the student to an outside provider/service.

Community Resources

Community resources are available 24/7 for urgent support from mental health professionals:

  • Monmouth County Crisis Screening Center 732-923-6999
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 9-8-8
  • New Jersey Hopeline 1-855-654-6735
  • New Jersey Mental Health Resources 2-1-1