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Summer International Student Housing Application

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Housing is available in Spruce Hall. This is a suite style building. Each suite has 4 single occupancy bedrooms and share a common living space and bathroom. Each common space is equipped with a combination microwave/refrigerator to be shared by all suitemates.(Required)

Additional Amenities

Available Amenities

Requested Arrival and Departure

Requested Arrival Date(Required)
Available Date Range: 05/28/2023 – 8/19/2023
Requested Departure Date(Required)
Available Date Range: 5/29/2023 – 8/19/2023

Post-Submission Information

Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted with housing confirmation and receive your lease materials via email.

Your signed lease materials, rules and regulations, security deposit and rental/amenity payments will be due per the date listed on your lease.

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