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  • Ordering Your Cap and Gown

    Cap and gown orders must be placed online through WebAdvisor under the heading "Graduation" from Monday, March 12, through Friday, April 13, 2018.  Please note that orders must be received by midnight Friday, April 13, 2018; otherwise, we cannot guarantee that a cap and gown will be available for you. 


  • Color Representation

    The colors you will see in the hoods of our faculty represent the various fields in which the degrees were taken:

    apricot_bulletApricot - Nursing

    orange_bulletOrange - Engineering

    brown_bulletBrown - Fine Arts

    pink_bulletPink - Music

    citron_bulletCitron - Social Work

    purple_bulletPurple - Law

    crimson_bulletCrimson - Journalism

    sage_bulletSage Green - Physical Education

    darkblue_bulletDark Blue - Philosophy

    salmon_bulletSalmon Pink - Public Health

    goldenyellow_bulletGolden Yellow - Science

    scarlet_bulletScarlet - Theology

    green_bulletGreen - Medicine

    yellowbrown_bulletYellow-Brown: Commerce, Business, Accounting

    lemonyellow_bulletLemon-Yellow - Library Science

    whiteblack_bulletWhite - Arts, Letters, Humanities

    lightblue_bulletLight Blue - Education