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Disney Internships and Programs: Next Steps for MU Students

Student Name: Kelly B.

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication with a focus in TV & Radio Production

Accepted to Disney internship for Spring 2016 (January 25th – May 26th) and my “role” of Merchandise.

I plan on taking 12 credits while down in Disney. I’m gaining 6 credits for the experimental education component of my major which I will earn by working in the parks. As well as taking two 3 credit courses offered by Disney while down in Florida. I am taking the classes, Corporate Communication and Creativity & Innovation. These two classes along with the experimental education will give me a total of 12 credits next semester.


After initially accepting the internship offer in September, I met with my advisor in the Communication department, Professor Schmidt. She helped me figure out that the classes I will be taking will count towards the free electives I need to take in order to graduate. I had to fill out a “permission to take classes at another institution” form since the classes are offered by Disney. Then I waited until the Disney course registration opened in November. After I registered online my advisor helped me fill out three forms (one for each class and one for the experimental education) that were sent to the registrar’s office. The forms explained the courses syllabuses, what I will learn, and why it will be helpful, as well as how my job at Disney will give me experience and help me gain skills to assist me in my future career. I will have to save all my work from the courses I take to make a portfolio and also write a reflection paper when I return in order to receive credit.

After these forms were approved the registrar’s office switched out the 12 credits of classes I was already registered to take in the spring for the 2 Disney courses and my experimental education. Because I am carrying 12 credits in spring semester, I am still a full-time Monmouth student and my tuition is the same, subtracting room and board. I also had to cancel my current room and board through the office of residential life. The bursar’s office let me know that my financial aid and scholarships will remain the same. I had to go through several different offices and it was confusing at times. Other than that, there were not many road blocks and the process went pretty smoothly. I’m very excited to move down to Florida and start everything!!

Student Name: Jillian S.

Class Year: 2018

Major: Health Studies

Accepted to the Disney internship for: Spring Advantage 2016

I plan on taking 12 credits while down in Disney. I am taking 3 classes online through Monmouth, and one collegiate course on leadership in Disney.


After I accepted the position I knew that it was time to make sure I could still stay a full-time student and graduate on time. I made a meeting with my advisor to cancel the classes I already had scheduled for the next semester and get put into online classes I could take while in Florida. I asked her about whether or not Disney credits would transfer and she said she didn’t think so, and directed me to Jeffrey Mass. After meeting with Jeffrey I learned that the credits absolutely do transfer, which was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. I also found out that because I will still be considered a full-time student, my financial aid won’t be affected. This was a huge weight lifted off of my mom’s shoulders!

A few weeks later, I was able to register for the class that I needed. Everyone I met with from Monmouth prior to this was extremely helpful. I was very lucky that Monmouth accepts Disney credits; this made the transition much easier. Now that everything is set, I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of a life time!

Student Name: Jenna D.

Class Year: 2016

Major: Communications – Public Relations/Journalism

Accepted to the Disney Internship for Spring/Summer ’16

I plan on taking 12 credits while down in Disney. I’m doing 6 credits of Experiential Education (internship) and 6 credits of independent study in coordination with the Disney classes.


When I initially applied to the Disney College Program I spoke with my advisor to let her know I might need her help. I was lucky that my advisor also taught a class of mine so I saw her a few times a week. She told me to wait until I was accepted before going ahead and doing anything in regards to the school. When I was accepted I met with my advisor again and asked how to proceed. We had to figure out how to break down my time there since I was accepted for Disney’s long program (January/February-August.) She directed me to the career services department and Jeff Mass to get an idea of how other Monmouth students have proceeded in the past.

When I met with Jeff Mass and Jean Judge, they told me about the “residency requirement” which stated I had to complete my last 32 credits AT Monmouth. There was one problem. I was a transfer; I never had more than 32 credits to complete at Monmouth. They told me I could get permission to release me from that requirement so I have to write a letter to the provost and ask for the waiver.

Another issue I had was registering for the Disney classes. I planned to take classes from Disney University for the spring semester. When I chose my dates to go down I picked the very last one so my parents could come down and help me move in. What I didn’t expect, however, was being told that the Spring session of classes started the day before I arrived and I couldn’t take classes until May. I thought I might not be able to do the program anymore. Luckily, my advisor said I could get internship credits for the spring so I wouldn’t have to take a leave of absence. In the end, I will be getting 6 experiential education credits for the spring semester and 6 independent study credits (coinciding with my Disney University classes) in the summer. My recommendation is to pick an earlier start date, if available, so you have a greater variety of classes to pick from.