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Internships: Frequently Asked Questions

Various studies have shown that internship experience is a major factor in recent graduate’s success after college. Career Development’s staff encourage students to complete at least one internship prior to graduation and can help them plan and apply for available internship opportunities.

Where can students find internships?

There are several sources for internships, including the Handshake on-line job board, as well as major websites such as Indeed and Linkedin. Each fall, Career Development sponsors an Internship and Fall Career Day, which hosts dozens of employers specifically seeking to hire students as interns.  Students may also wish to consult with their faculty advisor for advice or leads on obtaining internships through their department.

When should students start looking for an internship?

Internships are generally sought by students starting the summer of sophomore year or the first semester of junior year, but students can apply at any time for any internship for which they are qualified.

What about credit and pay?

Students may choose to receive academic credit for most internships. They should consult with their faculty advisor regarding credit before accepting any internship. The advisor will handle the approval process necessary for them to obtain credit. Most internships, especially from businesses, are paid at least NJ minimum wage. Many internships pay more. All internships listed though Career Development are required to be paid, with the exception of those offered by non-profits and government agencies.

Where can I get more information about internships?

For more information, call Career Development at 732-571-3471 or send email to