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Jacqueline Barton: Intern of the Month November 2021

Intern of the Month

November 2021

Jacqueline Barton

Photo of Jacqueline BartonMajor: Accounting

Graduation Date: January 2022

Internship Title: Audit Intern

Employer Name: BDO

Employer Location: Woodbridge, New Jersey

Internship Dates: June 7 – August 6, 2021

Describe your role or a typical day.
My typical day as an Audit Intern was a little different than normal because it was a remote internship. The first thing I would do was check the schedule to see which audit I was assigned to and who I would be working with. Next, I would reach out to those on the team and see what work they had for me that day. I would then get started on my assignments and make sure to ask for help if needed. Once I finished that work, I would reach out to my “career buddies” or other interns to see if they needed any help.

How did you hear about or obtain this role?
I heard about this role from the Accounting Honors Employment Program. AHEP is an annual project that gives junior, senior, and MBA students the opportunity to compete for career positions at local and national CPA firms.

What were your major responsibilities at the internship?
My main responsibility was providing support to the audit staff during engagements. This was done by rolling over documents from the prior to the current year and preparing financial statement tie outs.

What interested you about it?
I was interested in this internship because it was my first experience working in the accounting field, and BDO as a company because it provided opportunities associated with a big firm but the culture and feel of a small firm.

What did you learn through your experience? How can you relate this to your future career goals?
I learned a lot as an audit intern. I am taking Auditing Theory this semester, so my experience has helped with this course tremendously. As an intern, I was exposed to different engagements, which have helped me understand the auditing process even more. I learned many helpful skills to start my career in auditing and the accounting field, along with a working knowledge of audit objectives and procedures in compliance with GAAP.

What advice would you give to other students about the internship experience?
I would definitely advise students to try to get an internship as early as possible. I think this is important because if they do not enjoy an internship experience, they have time to find something else, and if they do enjoy it, they can continue in the field. During their internships, I would recommend asking as many questions and meeting as many people as possible to grow their professional networks.