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Christine Kelly – Intern of the Month November 2020

Christine Kelly’s LinkedIn profile

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Christine Kelly

Major: BS in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing

Minor: Leadership Communication

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2021

Internship Title: MARCOM Marketing Associate

Employer Name: Pfizer Inc.

Employer Location: Lake Forest, Illinois

Internship Dates: June 15, 2020 – June 15, 2021

  1. Describe your role or a typical day.
    My typical day looks quite different from how I thought it would look when applying for the program and position at Pfizer. I originally applied to positions in New Jersey and New York, but then the start of the COVID-19 pandemic arose. Consequently, when I was offered the position, I was given the option to work virtually with Pfizer colleagues who were based in the Chicago area, and I accepted. As an intern working from home, I wake up, get ready for the day, and find a place that can serve as my office for the day. This place varies from day-to-day, but I frequently find myself on my patio in my backyard or in my home office. Wherever I decide to work, I know it as a place that allows me to focus on my work, be productive, and be easily seen on camera because of the virtual meetings I often participate in.
  2. How did you hear about or obtain this role?
    I heard about Pfizer’s Summer Student Worker Program and the position of MARCOM (Marketing and Communications) Marketing Associate from my EOF counselor, Liz O’Brien, who forwarded to her advisees an email she received from a Pfizer colleague. The email detailed the program and the open positions available for students to apply for. I applied soon after receiving this email, participated in a phone interview a few months later, and received notice later in the week of the interview that I was given the position.
  3. What are your major responsibilities at the internship?
    At Pfizer, I’m responsible for assisting the Senior Director of U.S. Hospital Marketing on various projects to increase internal efficiency, supporting the Communications team with letters to internal stakeholders, and maintaining interactions with Pfizer’s lead agency for marketing materials and projects. I oftentimes gain exposure to Pfizer’s portfolio and work with portfolio leads to uncover marketing needs for their respective portfolios. Currently, I am assisting in market research setup and analysis to uncover the needs of the Sales team at Pfizer’s U.S. Hospital Business Unit.
  4. What interested you about it?
    I was really excited about this internship and the position I hold because it allows me to gain exposure to fields related to both my major, Business Administration, and my minor, Leadership Communication. I knew that by taking on this position, I would be able to apply what I learned in the classroom to the working environment of a large corporation. I was also interested in the position because of the internship I had last summer, working for Hackensack Meridian Health. I was curious to see behind the curtain of the healthcare industry and am able to do that during the COVID-19 pandemic with my internship at Pfizer.
  5. What do you learn through your experience? How can you relate this to your future career goals?
    Through my experience with Pfizer, I learned that one should always take advantage of the opportunities they are provided with. Before my interview with Pfizer, I had worked with Richard Ricciardi, William Hill, and Jeff Mass to search for internship opportunities. They arranged and helped me prepare for an internship interview at a multinational chemical and consumer goods corporation. Once that opportunity fell through because of COVID-19, Richard Ricciardi, William Hill, and Jeff Mass reached back out to me to share alternative internship opportunities. They were instrumental in providing me with not only the encouragement I needed to continue with the interview process, but with interview tips that ultimately allowed me to land the position I landed with Pfizer and will continue to serve my future career goals well throughout my professional life. The tips and opportunities they provide, and any other opportunities that are presented, are ones that students should make the most out of.
  6. What advice would you give to other students about the internship experience?
    Before applying to Pfizer, I was intimidated by the application process, especially as it related to a large corporation that students across the globe strive to land positions at. After applying and being offered the position, though, I learned that students need to be in it to win it; they need to put themselves in the running in order to be selected for the position they hope to be offered. This is a valuable lesson that took me a while to learn, but it is one that I believe can only benefit me and other students like me.