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  • Regulations for Campus Events

    These regulations have been designed as general guidelines for all parties, shows, and events sponsored by student organizations. These regulations may be modified by the Office of Student Activities based on the nature of the event. Items taken into account include the size of the audience, whether or not the event is open to the general public, and if the organization has successfully presented the event in the past. Student organizations will be informed of any modified regulations when meeting with the director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations.

    1. All organizations requesting to sponsor a dance, show, fundraiser, or other event must schedule an appointment with the student activities director to seek approval for proposed activities. This should be done well in advance of the program. No facility reservations will be approved until this meeting takes place. The student activities director will assist you in finding a place and time for your event. The organization must submit a Facilities Reservation Form with the advisor’s signature to the Office of Central Scheduling, located on the second floor of the Student Center.

    2. No advertisements may be made until the event has been approved; then all advertisements may only be placed in approved locations.

    3. Events must end by 1 a.m. Starting and closing times for parties must be included on advertisements.

    4. There must always be at least one Monmouth University police officer present. The required amount of police officers may vary due to the anticipated crowd and/or nature of the event, i.e. concerts with public ticket sales. The decision to deploy more than one officer will be determined by the University police in conjunction with other administrative officials. Generally this decision will be made in advance of the scheduled date of event. The officers will be paid for by the sponsoring organization.

    5. The organization’s advisor or chaperon must be present during the entire function. This person must be a member of the Monmouth University faculty, staff, or administration.

    6. If the organization is planning on hiring an entertainer (i.e. band, DJ, etc.), the organization’s advisor or the student activities office must call to request a contract. Students are not authorized to request a contract or commit a Monmouth University club or organization to a contract; if this occurs, the student or the student organization assumes all responsibility for payment and liability. All contracts must be reviewed by the Vice President and General Counsel and changes must be made as he indicates. Only the Vice President for Student Life and Leadership Engagement may sign the contract.

    7. All Monmouth University students must present their University ID upon entering the activity or event.

    8. Monmouth University will admit only those guests who are 18 years or older and possess a valid University ID.

    Sponsoring organizations may invite Monmouth University students and students from surrounding colleges. Students visiting from neighboring colleges must present a current student ID and leave it at the entrance desk.

    Any Monmouth University student may register up to two guests not from another college but must assume responsibility for their guest’s behavior. The guest(s) must be 18 years or older and present a valid driver’s license. The guest(s) must also be signed in by a Monmouth University student. Failure to adhere to this policy will prohibit any and all guests from attending the event.

    9. Student organizations sponsoring functions must conduct a visual inspection of all people entering the party. This may require asking their guests to open bags, pocketbooks, etc. Physical searches may not be required, however metal detectors may be utilized upon request of the sponsoring organization and/or the Monmouth University Police Department. The sponsoring organization is responsible for the supervision of the bathrooms, stairwells, and party area in the center. Additional Student Center or facilities management staff may be deployed at the decision of the student activities office for overall supervision.

    The expense for the extra staff will be charged to the sponsoring organization.

    10. In order to ensure the safety and security of all, adequate, minimal lighting must be present at all times throughout the event.

    11. Sponsoring organizations must be fully aware that they will be held accountable for any and all costs that are incurred by the University as a result of unruly behavior during or after the sponsored event.

    With regard to certain events such as Homecoming, Ebony Night, Winter Ball, and the International Festival, the University will continue to assess the security needs based upon ticket sales and/or the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.