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  • Multicultural or Diversity Related Student Groups or Organizations

    African American Student Union Involvement Fair Table

    African American Student Union (AASU)

    Contact: Mark Holfelder/ Kamal Kornegay

     Phone: 732-263-5399/ 732-263-5871

    The purpose of AASU is to provide a forum for students with a common bond to unify and support each other, and share the cultural achievements of black people with the University community. The AASU is an educational, social, and political force on campus to represent and advocate the concerns, problems, and image of African American students. Students can bring about a positive change through working collectively, united together.

    All Lifestyles Included Involvement Fair Table

    All Lifestyles Included (ALI)

    Contact: Heather Kelly
    Phone: 732-571-3586

    The purpose of All Lifestyles Included is to raise awareness of homosexuality in the community and the Monmouth University campus. The group works to foster an environment that helps people of all sexual orientations to feel comfortable with people from all lifestyles, in an effort to present an understanding Monmouth University campus where no one is made to feel that they have to hide their own sexuality.

    Catholic Campus Ministry

    Contact: Anne Plantamura
    Catholic Center Phone: 732-229-9300

    The Catholic Center at Monmouth University is a relaxed home atmosphere where all students are able to grow spiritually, meet new friends, and learn more about the Catholic faith. Events include Sunday Mass, bible study, a coffeehouse, retreats, and BBQ's.

    Chabad Club

    Contact: Soloman Schuck

    The purpose of Chabad Club is to offer students a chance to meet Jewish students and build Jewish life; to make a place where  students socialize in a comfortable home-like setting with great friends, superb food and stimulating discussions, to create a forum where one can question their faith and not be afraid of judgment, to make a partnership between students to help create cutting edge programming, plain social active projects and offer volunteer community opportunities; to be a center for prayer and study, where one can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish heritage and promote the growth, understanding, awareness and appeal of Judaism.

    Chinese Student Association

    Contact: Jiacun Wang
    Phone: 732-571-4449

    The purpose of the Chinese Student Association is to create a closer bond among the Chinese Students at Monmouth University and the Chinese living in the community, to let people of other cultures have a further understanding of Chinese culture, and to plan group activities. It also strives to help its members with assimilation, tutoring, and assisting it's member's in finding a career.'

    Coptic Orthodox Community

    Contact: Pedram Daneshgar
    Catholic Center Phone: 732-923-4784

    The purpose of the Coptic Orthodox Community is to provide an opportunity for students of Monmouth University to learn about the Coptic Orthodox faith and to promote a sense of community among the Coptic Orthodox student body. The club is open to all students.


    Christian Ambassadors Involvement Fair Table


    Contact: Linda Flaming
    Phone: 732-571-3657

    The purpose of CRU is to provide students with Christian fellowship, help them grow closer to God and stronger in their faith, and inform them about who God is and how to know Him personally as revealed in the Bible. The group is open to all students with an interest.


    Council For Exceptional Children Involvement Fair Table

    Council for Exceptional Children

    Contact: Stacy Lauderdale/Carol  McArthur

    Phone: 732-263-5216/ 732-923-4618

    The Council for Exceptional Children is an internationally known organization for educators in the field of special education. This local council holds regularly scheduled on campus meetings in addition to co-sponsoring a yearly spring symposium. Its community service projects involve working with and providing assistance to handicapped children.


    Gender Studies Club Involvement Fair Table

    Gender Studies Club

    The purpose of the Gender Studies Club is to promote gender equality among Monmouth University and surrounding communities; to promote an understanding of how gender inequality intersects with other forms of inequality such as race, class, and sexuality; to communicate, understand, and attempt to find resolutions for the issues of gender injustice and these related forms of inequality for all members of society; to facilitate an open and stereotype-free atmosphere where every type of person will feel welcome regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ability, age, or national origin; and to organize events related to these themes.

    Global Service Project

    Contact: Thomas Lamatsch
    Phone: 732-571-4481

    The purpose of Global Service Project is to help Monmouth University students become more aware of global issues and to become students to study abroad for internships. Membership is open to all currently enrolled full-time students of any major or minor.


    Contact: Ruth Jamnik
    Phone: 732-571-3440

    The purpose of Hillel is to provide facilities, guidance, and organization for religious, cultural, educational, and social welfare for Jewish students at Monmouth University in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Hillel foundation. Hillel also provides the general student population with a better understanding and appreciation of the Jewish culture. Membership is open to all students.

    International Club Involvement Fair Table

    International Club

    Contact: Barbara Nitzberg
    Phone: 732-571-3478 x3640

    Monmouth University currently enrolls more than 80 international students representing some 28 countries. The International Club has traditionally been active in promoting international student-life on campus and in the surrounding community. Club membership is open to all Monmouth students (regardless of national origin). Students new to Monmouth are encouraged to attend biweekly meetings and semester activities. The International Club assists new students with orientation to the campus and with the cultural/social life in the United States.

    Italian Club

    Contact: Maria Simonelli
    Phone: 732-263-5808

    The Italian Club was established to promote the growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal of Italian culture. It also provides support and opportunities for the co-curricular experience at Monmouth. Anyone interested in the Italian culture is welcome to join.

    Lambda Theta Alpha Banner

    Lambda Theta Alpha

    Student Office: 324 Rebecca Stafford Student Center
    Student Office Phone: 732-923-4740
    Contact: Jeanette Villanueva/Nicole Martinez
    Phone: 732-571-3584/732-571-3462 x2605

    Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Inc., began in 1975 and became incorporated in 1979. This academic and service sorority opened its Tau chapter at Monmouth in Spring 1994. Lambda Theta Alpha serves as a support system for the ladies of the organization, and is devoted to helping and volunteering in the community. A sorority based on heritage, LTA takes great pride in their sisters’ various cultures and welcomes women of any nationality. With their burgundy and gray colors, Lambda Theta Alpha continues its growth at Monmouth University with unity, love, and respect.

    Latin American Student Organization Involvement Fair Table

    Latin American Student

    Organization (LASO)

    Contact: Kasey Sanders
    Phone: 732-571-3559

    LASO encourages and initiates relationships between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students through multicultural awareness, promotes the need for pursuing a higher education within minority communities, and allows a forum in which potential members can work toward common goals. The organization's goal is to be recognized as fundamental leaders in the University community, serve in numerous ways, and reach out to members of all communities, especially those of Latin and minority backgrounds, advocating that there is strength in numbers.

    Monmouth SCORES

    Contact: Merissa Jones
    Phone: 732-263-5544

    The Monmouth Scores encourages and fosters the advancement of African Americans and other minorities through mentoring students on topics such as life skills, social and emotional skills, and moral character; education to stimulate and promote intellectual growth and development; increasing awareness on health and wellness; and creating financial literacy by providing fundamental money management skills.

    Muslim Student Association

    The Muslim Student Association was established to facilitate the practice of Islam and to encourage and enhance friendship and cooperation among Muslim students. The group also cultivates a positive image of Islam and Muslims in the University community.

    National Council of Negro Women

    National Council Of Negro

    Women (NCNW)

    Student Office: 334 Rebecca Stafford Student Center
    Student Office Phone: 732-923-4713
    Contact: Marissa Jones
    Phone: 732-263-5544

    The National Council of Negro Women’s purpose shall be to foster a wide student interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, and services. Any student of the Monmouth University community is welcome to become a member.

    South Asian Student Association

    Contact: Barbara Nitzberg
    Phone: 732-571-3478

    The South Asian Student Association promotes a learning environment of South Asian culture and helps Monmouth University students to become more aware of South Asian events. The club offers viewpoints of South Asia that will help Monmouth students have a better perspective for a global understanding.

    Study Abroad Club

    Contact: Robyn Asaro
    Phone: 732-263-5377

    The Study Abroad Club is an organization set up to promote growth, understanding, awareness, and appeal for studying abroad while in college, for those who are interested in studying abroad or traveling, as well as for those who have returned from or have been involved with studying abroad or traveling.

    Yoga Club

    Contact: Marta Neumann
    Phone: 732-263-5790

    The Yoga Club promotes physical, mental, and spiritual well-being at Monmouth University. It also provides members with an environment in which to learn and practice yoga.