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  • Undergraduate Concentrations

    The Department of Management and Decision Sciences is educating students for tomorrow and molding our versatile managers of the future. Students can pursue an undergraduate concentration in management, with a curriculum that teaches both theory and practice. Students in this concentration don't just learn how to be efficient in business. Because they will represent their future companies, they also learn how to be effective communicators. As a result, much focus is placed on presentation and writing ability.

    Faculty members in this department should not be classified as lecturers; rather, they are demonstrators, who provide students with a variety of hands-on experiences. In fact, guests from various business sectors (including company presidents) often come to classes and work with students on real problems their organizations are facing. Companies that have visited management classes at Monmouth include McDonald's, Cadillac, Blue Buffalo Company, Rita's Ices, Mr. Bubbles, Better Homes Realty, and Nicole Amy Fragrances.

    Business administration students can also pursue a combined concentration in management and marketing, a valuable option that helps students understand the processes involved in advertising, sales, and marketing.

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