• Dr. Judex Hyppolite

    Dr. Judex Hyppolite

    Office: Bey Hall 238

    E-mail: jhyppoli@monmouth.edu

    Telephone: 732-571-3663

    Curriculum Vitae


    Judex Hyppolite is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance in the Economics, Finance, and Real Estate Department at Monmouth University. He holds a PhD from Indiana University-Bloomington and his primary research areas are Econometrics, Monetary Economics, and Finance. His current research focuses on the application of Panel Data Mixture Models to the study of firms and households heterogeneous behaviors. He has studied the differences in the investment behavior of firms when they are financially constrained and when they are not, and the differences in the healthcare behavior of individuals grouped according to their intensity of healthcare utilization. His healthcare article was recently published in Health Economics.

    Dr. Hyppolite currently teaches Business Statistics and Money, Credit, and Financial Institutions.