• Professor John S. Buzza

    John Buzza

    Specialist Professor

    Office: Bey Hall 105/104

    E-mail: jbuzza@monmouth.edu

    Telephone: 732-263-5575



    Professor John Buzza joined Monmouth University as a visitant professor in 2004, and he began teaching as a Specialist Professor in 2005. In 2008 he was awarded the position of Director of the Monmouth University Center for Entrepreneurship.

    Below you can find a summary of his university-wide service:

    Advisor – The Marketing Management Club, 2005 to Present

    Advisor – Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, 2007 to Present

    LCAC Freshman Advisor, 2005 to Present

    LCAC Freshman Seminar, 2005 to Present

    Mentoring Program, 2005 to Present

    Advisor – SIFE International Association, 2007 to Present

    School of Business Representative, Center for Human and Community Wellness, 2007 to Present

    Blue–White Association, Member, 2008 to Present

    Scholarship Donor, Monmouth University’s 75th Anniversary, 2008

    Employee Giving Campaign Leadership Committee, 2008

    President’s Society Member, 2007 to Present

    First Year Seminar Working Group, 2008

    Chair, 2008 Search Committee for Faculty Position in Marketing and Management Department

    Awarded the position of Director, Monmouth University Center for Entrepreneurship by The School of Business - 2008

    Developed, structured, and taught “Hospitality Management” – a new course that was added to the curriculum in the School of Business for the Spring of 2008

    Developed, structured, and taught “Business Development” – a new course that was added to the curriculum in The School of Business for the Summer of 2008

    Developed and structured “Franchising” – a new course that was added to the curriculum in The School of Business for the Spring of 2009


    SPRING 2011


    DESCRIPTION: Management functions, including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling; the theory and practice as they are contingent on the behavior of people in organizations and on the organizational environment.


    DESCRIPTION: Fundamental concepts involved in satisfying consumer objectives through goods and services; consumer characteristics; marketing system environments; middlemen; analysis of consumer and industrial goods; and physical distribution.


    DESCRIPTION: The goal of Hospitality Management and Marketing is to provide the student with an introduction into the hospitality industry and the basics of many associated components. This course will examine industry trends, the corporate profiles of industry leaders, and the various and diverse schools of thought that exist in the strategic management of hospitality, in addition to detailing all the opportunities that the hospitality industry presents. This course directs students to look at franchising, both ala carte and catering restaurants, off-premise catering, and a host of other segments of the industry that lend themselves to class discussions.


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