• Faculty and Staff


    Donald M. Moliver, Dean, Pozycki Professor of Real Estate, dmoliver@monmouth.edu
    Gilda Agacer, Associate Dean, gagacer@monmouth.edu
    Janeth Merkle, Accreditation Coordinator and Assistant to the Dean, jmerkle@monmouth.edu
    Susan Gupta, MBA Director, sgupta@monmouth.edu  
    Peter Reinhart, MBA Executive Director, preinhar@monmouth.edu  
    Joseph McManus, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, jmcmanus@monmouth.edu
    Gert Murphy, Administrative Coordinator and Assistant to the MBA Director, murphy@monmouth.edu
    Beth Boyington, Office Coordinator: Management and Decision Sciences, Marketing and International Business boyingto@monmouth.edu
    Linda Knox, Office Coordinator: Economics, Finance, and Real Estate, lfette@monmouth.edu
    Kathleen Hardaker, Secretary: Accounting, khardake@monmouth.edu
    Theresa Lowy, Associate Director of the Kislak Real Estate Institute, tlowy@monmouth.edu






    Linda J. Flaming, Chair, Associate Professor and Chair. PhD, University of Oklahoma; CPA, Oklahoma. Teaching interests include all levels of financial and managerial accounting. Research interests are in tax, audit, accounting  and investor decision-making.

    Gilda M. Agacer, Associate Dean, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting. Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Specializes in governmental accounting, advanced accounting analysis, and managerial cost analysis.

    Paul J. Savoth, Associate Professor. JD, Seton Hall University; LLM, Villanova University; BA, Middlebury College. Primary research interests include various areas of business law and federal taxation.

    Douglas Stives, Specialist Professor. MBA, BS in BA, Lehigh University. CPA, New Jersey. Teaching interests are in the areas of taxation. 

    Nancy Uddin, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Rutgers University. Research and teaching interests include the areas of auditing and accounting information systems.

    Minna Yu,, Assistant Professor. PhD, Kent State University.  B.A., M.S., Dongbei University, China. Teaching interests include managerial accounting, financial accounting, and international accounting. Current research interests include analyst forecasts, accrual anomaly, and corporate governance. 

    Ronald Zhao, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Texas Tech University. CPA, CMA. Teaching and research interests are in the areas of cost and management accounting, international accounting, and corporate finance.


    Andreas Christofi, Chair, Professor. Ph.D., Finance, Pennsylvania State University. Research interests include pricing of capital assets, investments, fixed income securities and international finance. Additional interests include derivatives and econometrics.

    Nahid Aslanbeigui, Professor. Ph.D., University of Michigan. Specializes in globalization, economic development, and the history of economic thought. Additional interests include economic education and the economic status of women.

    Barrie Bailey, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Finance, University of Central Florida. Research interests include international mutual fund performance and finance education.

    John Burke, Specialist Professor of Finance.  MBA with honors from Indiana University. His professional career spanned 27 years on both the sell-side and buy-side of Wall Street. He spent 10 years at PaineWebber, Inc. where he was a Managing Director heading the Global Equity Derivatives group with operations in New York, London and Tokyo and was also responsible for Proprietary Trading. He subsequently spent two years at Deutsche Bank, AG as Director and Co-Head of the Global Structured Products Group with operations in New York, Frankfurt, London and Tokyo, as well as running Proprietary Trading in New York. After 12 years on the sell-side, John switched to the buy-side, forming Rumson Capital LLC, a $500mm hedge fund engaging in global arbitrage strategies, which he ran for 15 years.

    Y. Lal Mahajan, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Rutgers University. Research interests include econometric models for credit unions, corporate finance, portfolio analysis, and investment theory. Other interests include monetary policy effects on interest rates, inflation, and the stock market.

    Donald M. Moliver, Dean, Professor of Economics,  Steven and Elaine Pozycki Endowed Professorship. PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, CRE, and MAI designations. Research interests include real estate finance and valuation.

    Patrick L. O'Halloran, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Economics, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Principal research interests include labor economics, discrimination, payment scheme, and econometrics. 

    Steven Pressman, Professor. PhD, New School for Social Research. Associate editor and book review editor of the Eastern Economic Journal, treasurer of the Eastern Economic Association, and co-editor of the Review of Political Economy, an international journal of post-Keynesian economics. Primary fields of interest are macroeconomics, poverty and income distribution, public finance, and the history of economic thought. 

    Peter S. Reinhart, Esq., Specialist Professor, Director of the Kislak Real Estate Institute and MBA Program Executive Director. JD, Rutgers Law School, Camden. BA, Franklin and Marshall College. Served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc., for thirty-three years. Also served on the Council on Affordable Housing for ten years and was a member of the Real Estate Task Force of Governor Whitman’s Economic Master Plan Commission. He was also a past president of the New Jersey Builders’ Association and is the current Chairman of New Jersey Future. Mr. Reinhart has authored articles for Housing New Jersey, Tri-State Real Estate Journal, and New Jersey Lawyer.

    Benedicte Reyes, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Finance, Columbia University. Research interests include international corporate finance and capital markets deregulations. 

    Robert H. Scott, IIIAssociate Professor. PhD, University of Missouri at Kansas City. Research interests include credit cards, financial literacy, startup business financing and interpreting the work of Kenneth Boulding.


    Joseph B. Mosca, Chair, Associate Professor. EdD, New York University. Primary specializations are human resource management, human relations, and active teaching methods. His current research interests focus on developing hybrid courses, employee behavior, and jobs of the 21st century. 

    Gwen Y. Alexis, Associate Professor. PhD, New School for Social Research; JD, Harvard Law School; MAR, Yale Divinity School. Research interests include corporate governance, international corporate responsibility, business ethics, global civil society, and religious diversity.

    Daniel Ball, Associate Professor. PhD, University of Massachusetts. Primary interests include technology and operations management, real options, risk-based distributed decision-making, the modeling and simulation of complex systems, logistics, operations research, management science, and system sustainability.

    John S. BuzzaSpecialist Professor. MA, University of Phoenix. Primary interests include teaching, entrepreneurial endeavors, and philanthropic activities.

    Edward W. Christensen
    , Associate Professor and Vice President for Information Management. PhD, Rutgers University. Specializes in management information systems organization and administration, including the use of information technology to support decision-making and strategy. 

    Scott Jeffrey, Assistant Professor. PhD, University of Chicago. BSC, MBA, Santa Clara University. Performs research on the use of incentives and goal setting in organizations.  Particularly focuses on non-cash tangible incentives such as travel and merchandise.

    Joseph J. McManus, Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. PhD, Rutgers University. MBA, Pepperdine University. JD, Rutgers University School of Law - Camden. Research interests include organizational misconduct, business ethics, corporate social responsibility & social entrepreneurship.

    Roy Nersesian, Professor. MBA, Harvard Business School. Interests lie in incorporating quantitative content into management course development. Author of ten books on simulation, financial risk management, and energy and energy modeling. 

    Guy OakesJack T. Kvernland Professor of Philosophy and Corporate Social Policy. PhD, Cornell University. Primary research areas are the history and philosophy of the social sciences and the sociology of ethics. Author of The Imaginary Civil War: Civil Defense and American Cold War Culture (1994). Editor of International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society. 

    Stuart Rosenberg, Associate Professor. PhD, Fordham University. Research interests include case writing, managerial economics, and the relationship between management and culture.  Primary area of focus is strategic management. 

    Eugene S. Simko, Associate Professor. PhD, Baruch College of the City University of New York. MBA, Temple University. Primary area of research is comprehensive strategic management.

    Donald R. Smith, Associate Professor. Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Research interests include applied quantitative decision making, operations research, and management science.

    Charles Willow, Associate Professor. Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, University of Houston. Research interest includes e-commerce technology and applications, Web-based information technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, and systems modeling and development.


    Min Hua Lu, Chair, Associate Professor. DBA, George Washington University. Primary interests are in strategic marketing management, international/global marketing management, and global sustainability of economies. 

    Susan Forquer Gupta, Associate Professor and MBA Program Director. PhD, University of Tennessee-Knoxville. Primary interests include international and global marketing and brand management, national culture measures and cultural value dimensions, environment and behavior and the context of decision making, cross cultural virtual teams, and sustainable (environment, societal, and economic) community development.

    Amy Handlin, Associate Professor. PhD, New York University. Primary interests are in applications of marketing to public policy and in the lobbying process, especially regarding small businesses regulated by state government. 

    David P. Paul III, Associate Professor. PhD, Old Dominion University; DDS, Virginia Commonwealth University; Medical College of Virginia. Primary interests are in marketing and healthcare management. Co-editor of Health Marketing Quarterly. 

    Joseph Rocereto, Associate Professor. PhD, Drexel University. Primary research interests are brand anthropomorphization, customer loyalty, strategic branding, and integrated marketing communications. Other interests include the use of color in marketing communications and the effects of self-concept congruity constructs.  

    Michaeline Skiba, Associate Professor. EdD, Columbia University. Research interests include healthcare education, management challenges within managed care settings, social and behavioral issues associated with pharmaceutical promotions and marketing strategy, and general management development topics.