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  • Economics, Finance, and Real Estate Concentrations

    The Department of Economics, Finance, and Real Estate offers a variety of undergraduate concentrations for business administration students. Whether you plan to go into banking, stockbroking, financial planning, or any number of areas, you'll receive a contemporary business education—combined with a strong foundation in the liberal arts—that will help you meet your goals.

    Students can choose one of these five concentrations:


    With a concentration in economics, students learn to use fundamental economic concepts and methods to analyze the impact of economic forces on decision-making. Course work focuses on micro, macro, labor, and ecological economics, as well as growth, development, globalization, and forecasting.


    Finance students learn to assess and price risk, apply finance theories to market analysis, and analyze corporate investment and financing decisions. Course work focuses on risk assessment, the risk and rewards of stocks and bonds, corporate finance management, financial accounting, capital formation, capital structure, banking, futures, options and other derivatives, long-term planning, and investment.

    Economics and Finance

    Those who possess strong mathematical and analytical skills can pursue a concentration in both economics and finance. This allows students to receive the combined benefits of these two individual programs.

    Real Estate

    Students who have an interest in real estate and business management should consider a concentration in real estate. Through course work, as well as participation in the Kislak Real Estate Institute, students will develop the ability to make decisions as investors, asset managers, consultants, developers, or lenders.

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