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Leon Hess Business School

Management Concentrations

Management guru Peter Drucker once called management the “liberal arts” of a business school. In his 1988 book The New Realities, he wrote:

Management is thus what the tradition used to call a liberal art: ‘liberal’ because it deals with the fundamentals of knowledge, self-knowledge, wisdom, and leadership; ‘art’ because it is practice and application. Managers draw on all the knowledge and insights of the humanities and the social sciences-on psychology and philosophy, on economics and on history, on the physical sciences and on ethics. But they have to focus this knowledge on effectiveness and results.

We in the management department embrace this definition by molding the managers of the future. Our courses teach both theory and practice, while never forgetting that it is the people that make a business. In line with the belief that success in business is more likely a people problem than a technology problem, our offerings in organizational behavior, leadership, human relations, and ethics take this approach.

Along with the “art” of management, our department also teaches the “science” of management through courses in operations management, management of technology, modeling, and supply chain management.

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