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Leon Hess Business School

Management and Decision Sciences Concentrations

The management concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program provides both a broad understanding of all the business disciplines and also depth within the concentrated area of management. All students in the BSBA program, regardless of their chosen concentration, acquire an all encompassing knowledge of business through required courses in finance, marketing, accounting, and other business related topics. The curriculum in the management concentration builds on this business core, preparing students to become leaders of people and organizations.

Students develop the tools and knowledge necessary to motivate employees and master their individual goals. They learn to devise the right organizational contexts—in structure, culture, and process—to ensure that people and organizations excel. And they formulate strategies that enable the organization to compete in the global economy while balancing the interests of multiple diverse stakeholders in a complex legal, political, and ethical environment.

Students in the management concentration can pursue a broad business curriculum with also rounding out the management curriculum with free electives that align with their academic and personal interests.


A Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management leads to career opportunities in a variety of industries. Pursuing a career in Management begins with selecting a track that interests you and then obtaining the right education, credentials, and experience to move successfully into a management role.

Leadership and Organizational Development

Recruitment Manager

Compensation & Benefits Manager

Training & Development Manager

Sales Manager

Branch Manager

Human Resources Consultant


Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

Small Business Manager

Family Business Owner / Manager

Sports Manager

Event Planning Manager

Hospitality Manager

Business Development Consultant


Operations, Supply Chain, and Data Management

Supply Chain / Logistics Manager

Program / Product Manager

Purchasing / Buying Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Inventory Control Manager

Customer Loyalty Manager

Curriculum Charts

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