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COVID-19 Update: University offices are open but being staffed remotely. Classes will be conducted remotely for all summer sessions.

Leon Hess Business School

Management and Leadership Faculty and Staff


Full-time Faculty

Stu A. Abraham


Photo of John S. Buzza

John S. Buzza

Specialist Professor

Headshot of Scott A. Jeffrey

Scott A. Jeffrey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Headshot of Joseph J. McManus

Joseph J. McManus, Ph.D.

Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship
Associate Professor

Headshot of Joseph Mosca, Ed.D.

Joseph B. Mosca, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Guy B. Oakes

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Joe V. Palazzolo

Joe V. Palazzolo, Ed.D.

Instructor (Temporary)

Photo of Linda Puches

Linda Puches

Specialist Professor

Headshot of Mikhail Sher, Ph.D.

Mikhail M. Sher, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Photo of Michaeline Skiba, Ed.D.

Michaeline Skiba, Ed.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Donald R. Smith, Ph.D.

Donald R. Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Charles C. Willow, Ph.D.

Charles C. Willow, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Part-time Faculty

Office Coordinator

Sara G. Riggi

Office Coordinator


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