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Leon Hess Business School

Summary of Strategies: Use Strength to take Advantage of Opportunities


  • Faculty/student relations (Class size, Advising)
  • Unique curricular programs (Entrepreneurship, Finance Lab, Bloomberg)
  • Location (Proximity to NYC and Jersey Shore)
  • AACSB Accreditation


  • Improve alumni relations
  • Off-campus sites
  • Local industry needs
  • International collaborations

SO Strategies (Use Strength to take advantage of Opportunities)

  • Use location and faculty/student relations to attract domestic and international students
  • Use location and AACSB to attract high-profile faculty and promote local industry needs
  • Use unique curricular programs to improve alumni relations
  • Utilize our alumni much better to help create curricular programs that will meet the local industry needs
  • Establish off-campus sites in northern and NYC to help grow our graduate program
  • Collaborations with colleges/universities that do not have business schools to expand the undergraduate program
  • Establishing industrial consortiums for each discipline to help provide internships and job opportunities, i.e., advisory groups for each functional area
  • Use location to establish connections with businesses in NJ, NYC, and Philadelphia for the benefit of our students
  • Develop Investment and Investment Banking specific courses (unique programs, location, industry needs)
  • Use Finance Lab and students to assist local industry (unique programs, local industry)
  • Seek alumni contributions to Student Managed Fund (unique programs, alumni relations)
  • Organize business conferences to increase visibility in the academic community
  • “LHBS Sessions at the Shore” – Each semester/year focus on a different industry with workshops, etc. Include local industry leaders and alumni.
  • Business school mixers with alumni, faculty, and area businesses.
  • To increase grad enrollment/retention, offer more traditional grad school programming – day classes, lounge, dedicated lab, on-campus housing, etc.
  • Taking our Entrepreneurship Program and focus on the Franchising Industry