Melissa Thomas has been an invaluable resource and contributor to the new 3D Sculpture program at Monmouth University. As a lab tech, she balances seamlessly between the digital and handmade arenas. Already functioning at a professional level, Missy is one of a new breed of creative technologists—the kind who are able to operate 3D printers and any Adobe program while still making clay by hand. As with any creative technologist, she is constantly open to learning new methods and tools, and applying them in innovative ways. When something is not working properly, she researches the issue and often solves it on her own. In the classroom, Missy produces high-quality work and helps foster a collaborative and positive environment throughout the arts community at Monmouth. She has brought these qualities into her leadership role in the Monmouth Review Club, where she served as club president during the 2016-2017 academic year.